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  1. Just finished watching the episode again and there were some things that occurred to me. Diane's anxious glancing at her phone (which just displays a screen saying BLOCKED) on the plane. Is she expecting the text from Mr C, or simply doesn't like being offline for a while? Ike's squeaky "Oh" or whatever sound it was when he's caught made me laugh. I noticed the reversed number on the plane too this time but I wonder if that was more to do with filmmaking techniques. They appeared to be flying from right to left when they were heading to South Dakota, so now when they're heading back the other way they may have reversed the flight footage to emphasise that this was the return journey. On the bad drugs subject: In Ep3 Truman says there's been another apparent OD, little Danny Craig, probably Chinese designer drugs Bobby says they're not coming down from Canada In Ep6 Red says they're moving the 'sparkle' down from Canada The woman living opposite the house where Dougie and Jade meet appears to be on them Ella (woman at the end of this episode) appears to be suffering some effects of a bad batch I have no idea how any of this relates to anything else though.
  2. I also thought Tammy's slightly cold demeanor worked well in that scene. She was very calm and business-like while she was asking about crazy stuff like other dimensions and getting him to identify the Major. He clearly thinks she will think he's crazy but she immediately puts him more at ease because she is treating what he says with the utmost seriousness. Still don't think she's a great actress though, but she worked well in that scene.
  3. There's a video linked in the page source which I couldn't see linked to on the actual page - http://thesearchforthezone.com/media/MVI_8465.mp4 If you click on the "Click here to read my older journal entries" link, you get a 404, and then this video starts playing - http://thesearchforthezone.com/media/radio.mp4. It's about 12 minutes long and seems to just be music and static but who knows what might be hidden in there.
  4. I think he actually said "case files" but it sounded more like "kayfal" because of the way Dougie speaks. He also kind of looks down at the files he's holding.