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  1. There is no way Naido is Diane. Gordon and Albert obviously have known Diane before since she worked for the FBI the whole time. She would have personel records and background checks. It is just way too far fetched. If nothing else it will be interesting to find out if we ever get to know what happened to the real Diane. I'm guessing they don't explain if Coop killed her before making a tulpa of her. Or if she is trapped in a lodge and we get to see her again.
  2. Not sure if anyone has noted this yet but Erica Eynon is credited as having a voice acting part in the credits of this episode on some of the streaming services. She is the voice for the Experiment. It only makes sense the her voice was the voice we heard when Sarah took off her face. All signs point to her being inhabited by that creature.
  3. I would buy that way before I would buy the still in a coma bit.
  4. I understand that but you are assuming then that she came out of the first coma and is now in another coma?
  5. I know Twin Peaks is weird but I'm pretty sure women in comas don't have children. (yeah I guess she could be in an unrelated coma or dream to the original coma we knew about.) Unless you are subscribing to the thread that Richard is Donna's boy (assuming she changed her last name to Horne). I can't remember for sure if anyone every explicitly said Richard was Audrey's.
  6. Exactly this. The 2nd season especially. Stuff like what happened in this episode happened in the original run often with slightly faster pacing. People just like to be nostalgic and think back fondly of stuff they loved in their youth. If you look back at most of the stuff without this rose-colored lens you find it objectively wasn't as great as you thought. With that said, even though I would rank this episode near the bottom thus far, I really think this series is one of the best things on TV in years. It is really pushing me and keeping me interested with its unpredictability. Honestly though I could do without a few of the f-bombs in the Audrey scene. Perhaps they were there to amp up the uncomfortablity of it but it just seemed overdone. As for the roadhouse scene at the end. Those vignettes are there simply to give you a feel of the local teens. I'm 100% they have no greater meaning other than to ground us in the Twin Peaks of today. While not 100% necessary, they do seem to serve a purpose in anchoring.
  7. One thing that I have been thinking about (this might have been brought up already) but it is very possible that Diane is not communicating with Mr C. If you noticed they made it very clear that the text came from Mexico. And we also know that formatting was not the same. Could it be that Cooper is texting someone in Mexico in that scene at the farm and that person sent the same text to Diane. Not exactly sure who or why this person would be forwarding the text to her but it might leave the door open for her to not be working with Mr. C, but someone else.
  8. It seems to me that Dougie had nothing to do with the 30 million dollar claim until he identified Sizemore as a liar. I'm not sure that the rest of the details really matter other than knowing the Mitchums got screwed out of their payment. It doesn't even really matter if they should have rightfully gotten the payment or not though it is sort of implied that Dougie helped find the correct answer to that question and that was paying out that claim. Everyone trying to kill Dougie seems to have reasons beyond the 30 million payout. I could be wrong but I'm guessing we never find out because it really isn't important.
  9. I agree. That was much more brutal than the murder scene for me. I really wish they didn't feel it was necessary to actually show him being hit by the car. The plot point could have been made with him hitting an adult instead of that kid. It seemed to be a little bit in bad taste to me.
  10. Has anyone explored the possibility that Dougy is the exact middle ground combination of both Coopers? Good Coop is one polar end. Dopple Coop the other polar end and the combination of the two is Dougy. He is not a good person but he's not bad either. He sells insurance which isn't bad but has slimy aspects. He is a family man but steps out with Jade. I haven't thought it through completely but it is something I've considered.
  11. I found this on another forum. Credit to Lynchland member Facundo Galvan. Possible solution to why Coop is obsessed with the statue.