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  1. This is the one I got onto https://www.reddit.com/r/twinpeaks/comments/6raen6/s3e12_reposting_this_glorious_post_with_a_clean/ Some of the translation is a stretch, but the seed of the idea is there. Throughout the season Gordon Cole is paranoid about being listened in to through electronics and so uses code to communicate with Albert (and if some people are to be believed, with someone from the white lodge via dreams) and that he is attempting to help execute the plan cooper and briggs had to deal with "judy" and kill "two birds with one stone." In my perfect version of this season all of the related but seemingly disconnected scenes all have some rosetta stone aspect, that once revealed make more sense in hindsight. Things like what is bad-coops motivation if he doesn't know about Judy and the way the names line up in the audrey/roadhouse/RR diner scenes. But maybe that's just wishful thinking that If I can reframe the season to not mostly be about defeating bad cooper it lessens the insane and rushed written way it resolves.
  2. The theories related to Gordon Cole and Albert talking mostly in code throughout the season like the one detailed at the start of Fire Walk with Me, including all the mis-heard words and the excruciatingly long scene with the lady in red (and Monica Bellucci) have me super excited about watching over scenes again. I think i'm still bummed out about the Bob fight scene, but the way the story has been reframed at least have me excited that more of stuff in the middle is important that it first appears.