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  1. Adaptive soundtrack + visual polish of Tetris Effect, but instead of a timeless classic puzzle game Tetris and an amazing original soundtrack, it's Snake and All Star by Smash Mouth!


    In true Idle Thumbs and Ruination spirit, I'll inject fart noises all over something beautiful and artistic made with tonnes of love and care by mix mashing it with Snake.



    Wizard Jam has meant a lot to me, being the place that inspired me to tinker with making games in my spare time, so I'll for sure make time for Wizard Jam X! Fortunately/Unfortunately, this will be the first Wizard Jam I participate in while being employed. That plus going out of the country for part of the Jam means I'm gonna have to shelve some of the more ambitious ideas I had.


    Been wanting to learn how to add adaptive sound to my games for a while now so this was the perfect excuse.


    I'm going to be proud bringing this garbage too you all.

  2. Thank you everyone for the feedback! Seems the general consensus is that forming words in the current letter distribution isn't satisfying enough and speed is too fast.


    Maybe I'll polish this up, add in long term progression and release it. Maybe not.


    This has been a fun jam though, thanks everyone for following this game!

  3. On 6/26/2018 at 12:05 PM, brendonsmall said:

    Wow, what a brilliant puzzle game. I processed all häxes :D


    A few feedback items, just small things I ran into that were confusin (spoiler tags just in case):


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    I didn't realize it was a percentage/decimal rather than a level. So when typing an invalid command "enhance a -1", the command just highlighted itself and became hard to read, but it wasn't clear why.



    OOOOOHHHHH. Yea I was hoping for a dehance command.


    Otherwise really nice presentation. Loved the contextual coloring of the commands. Maybe even go full IDE and have autocomplete commands on enter. Cool puzzle game.

  4. Loved the WindWaker/Life is Strange vibe. Was not expecting a story at all and it turned out nice.


    Did have to agree that the dept of field was a tad aggressive. Maybe if it started bluing further away from the player it would be nicer. The character did also bounce quite a bit going down hill.


    The layout of the island was nice, it was easy to get to all sides of the island without much trouble, and the bridge was a really nice view. Great job!

  5. I'm really hoping you did the voice acting!


    Really liked the tutorial UI and the lean. The camera movement on crouch and lean really sells the effect.


    I would click the throw noise device button and sometimes it wouldn't throw, I'm not sure if that's a bug. And I felt the 3 devices could have their button inputs merged, like left click to interact, hold left to aim sound device, and right click to bring out sir hackalot. Did get stuck on the bullet proof glass level though.


    Nice clean presentation, like if Brendon Chung made Portal. Totally took a selfie with the hacked turret, by which I mean I shot myself and died (was hoping to shoot another turret).

  6. 3 hours ago, pdotjpg said:

    Two gripes of mine would be that the pace is a bit too quick right now and that the distribution of letters needs to be considered (too few vowels, too many same letters next to each other). The second problem in particular is probably difficult to solve, but both of these contribute to rarely being able to string together 4+ letter words, which isn't very satisfying. Or I'm just bad at the game.


    100% agree. I was so focused on getting a menu and a tutorial into the game I didn't really have time to tweak the numbers around the flow of the game. Never tested with a wide enough demographic and speed was an apparent issue after I finished it and showed more people. Difficulty settings was a to do list item I didn't have time to get to


    I spawned letters based on the frequency they appear in common English words (shorter words on average) instead of the English dictionary, thinking the latter might be too hard, which I think contributes to the short words problem (my longest word was POISON). So I balanced the game around combos which I'm not sure if that came across or just didn't feel as juicy as longer words. For the vowel problem, I think it's because words you make definitely have vowels in them, but if they fall back down they're re rolled again, which doesn't guarantee vowels, causing the number of vowels on screen to decrease over time.


    I've already fudged blank block spawns. Another one of my to do list items I didn't get to was spawn vowels if no vowels are in a 3x3 area. Could also guarantee burnt letters spawn as many vowels as was in the original completed word that burnt them in the first place.


    4 hours ago, pdotjpg said:

    I agree with Brendon that there's room for even more 'juice'.

    I felt so too but didn't know what else to add visually. Sending words over the top definitely needs more work. Didn't have time for sound, which also could help.


    4 hours ago, pdotjpg said:

    I might put this on my phone and take it with me.

    That would be incredible thank you!

  7. 23 hours ago, brendonsmall said:

    Turns out it works with 7zip, but not with winrar.


    Yea that's apparently a thing and I'm not sure why. I zipped with with winrar and it works on my comp and I have no idea why that's happening.


    23 hours ago, brendonsmall said:

    But I got pretty far, I think?


    Really wanted to make an online leader board but didn't have time to learn how. But hey if you feel you got far then that's all that matters :)


    23 hours ago, brendonsmall said:

    I imagine with some more juice it would be even more so.


    Felt the same, but didn't know how to add more juice. Really wanted to add sound which would help in that department but didn't have time unfortunately


    Thanks for the feedback!

  8. 17 hours ago, infamous space turtle said:

    This is looking so good. Never has spelling been so explosive. 


    8 hours ago, brendonsmall said:

    The added "juice" of the explodey hovering rocket powered letters and screen shake make this really appealing!


    Thank you everyone! I spent way too much time ghosting the GDC vault to not eventually use those tips :)


    However I was playtesting my game on the bus to work today and under those lighting conditions the background effect isn't at all visible. So I've upped the contrast but now the flip effect doesn't look so great.


    Trying 3 new effects, please let me know which you guys like more.




  9. 2 hours ago, fabian said:

    Haha thanks :) 

    Well, I'm probably not going to put the project online, but I can go into more detail on specific things if you want, just ask what is the most interesting to you! Though I'm not sure if I'm a great learning source as I feel like a Unity noob myself all the time :D 



    I've never done 3D so these questions may be dumb, but how did you do the shading, lighting, and materials for the surfaces? Each face facing the same direction has a unified color no matter the height in a way that doesn't look like it's just directional lights. Each face facing a different direction also have a different color. Is that just the effect of the same lighting from a different angle on a different color? Also the surfaces have that slightly acid washed glass look sorta like Besieged's ground. What materials did you use?


    Sorry to ask so many questions but I've been wanting to try 3D stuff for a while now but have no idea where to start.

  10. Is there a way to specify sorting layers in UI images?


    My current setup is that all letter blocks are made out of the face, and the bottom edge that gives the blocks the raised effect that's parented to the face.







    But I want my bottom edge to be sorted differently than the other items, and only Canvas has a sorting layer property. Is there a way to override this? I could move the bottom edge to a new Canvas but then would have to manually move them when each letter moves.

  11. 6 hours ago, pdotjpg said:

    That looks great! Really crunchy feedback.


    How are you checking for valid words? Some dictionary API?

    Thank you.


    Oh god I wish I was that fancy lol. No I'm just getting a .txt file of all English words off the Scrabble website, reading it as a List<string>, converting it into a HashSet<string>, then doing a .contains()


    Here's the .txt file for anyone's future use