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  1. I liked the red chair as well!
  2. You make a great point, and it's exactly what's bothering me as well. TP The Return is fascinating, spellbinding and 18 new hours of Lynch I never thought I'd get, but it also moves a deeply beloved show into different territory, one I wasn't quite prepared for. And I equally love it and feel dissappointed by it, if that makes sense. It's Lynch after all 😊
  3. Hehe. My immediate thoughts after watching this one as well!
  4. So yeah, did David Lynch make TV history again or what... Entranced would best describe how I felt for one hour tonight!
  5. Dougie/Cooper continues to be a delight to watch. I loved the elevator scene with him being with his back to the door and not moving, and right on cue EVERYBODY being annoyed. Also, maybe it's just me, but the music that played right when the female drug addict neighbor woke up and looked at the kid/her son had me on edge - with seemingly nothing happening. Lynch is a genius with creating unease like that.
  6. After the silent drape runners, it seems like a natural progression. Btw, hello everyone, been listening to the podcast, finally decided to sign up 😊
  7. Thanks MechaTofuPirate. I love Angelo's music so much, been waiting for some new pieces 😊 Excellent episode again. Constantly twisting. Serisously, did ANYBODY guess the mystery of the spray painted shovels????
  8. Was that new music by Badalamenti over the end credits?