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  1. Don't discount reddit, because they have numbers over us. Some of the stuff they've found recently includes finding an interview with David Lynch in which he describes creating a clay ball full of turkey and cheese that he allowed ants to eat to create an artpiece. An artpiece featured on Julee Cruise's album cover. Huh, looks familiar... Also, they have determined that in Twin Peaks canon, based on the part of the history book listed below, 6 logmen died in a fire and 2 more died from complications. 6 Logmen were dancing around/excising Coop. One more thing I personally noticed while checking the Diner scene from Fire Walk With Me to make sure it wasn't the same diner as the 50s scene in this episode: Look at that creepy woodsman looking dude hanging out, near the malfunctioning, flashing lightbulb! Obviously not blackfaced out like the ones in the show, but worth noting! Also laaaast thing since I didn't see it posted yet:
  2. Is there any show out there that contains phrases as absurd as "Six woodsmen excising BOB out of Coopdopple" that make sense to pretty much the entire fanbase?
  3. Fair. I actually had only seen your quote and hadn't read through the whole post from the original guy - my bad - and he is pretty unnecessarily inflammatory regarding the episode honestly. You were mostly in the right. His post: To make an argument against his points: "What lynch is making here he is making for himself" - that's something that I don't think is a bad thing. I've been thinking a lot about what it means to 'make art for other people', and I don't think you can do it in a way that isn't pandering/disingenuous in a way, after all, the only thing you can know for sure is that YOU enjoy something, you can't be sure if someone ELSE would like something, so all you can do as a proper artist is create what YOU want to see in the world, and make it as genuine as possible, and then HOPE other people find it interesting after the fact. Of course, TV involves generally many more steps of process between creation and airing, but the point still stands. Just look at Weezer. That band's more recent albums seem to go by the mentality of "The people are gonna LOVE this!", rather than "I love making this kind of music!" And lo and behold, their fans and much of the public tend to hate that attitude and anything since their older 'more genuine' albums. Do you want The Weezer of Twin Peaks, angry internet man?
  4. I was pretty convinced it was Moonlight Sonata but thought I was mistaken. Huh! Makes sense considering the moon is featured heavily in that scene. Also, I googled "golden orb soul" as I had heard the soul described as a golden orb (ala what Dougie turns into, and the golden orbs featured heavily in E8) and found this article that discusses dying, souls as golden orbs, and Tibetan tradition. Possibly related to Lynch's... lynchian... lynchness this season.
  5. HOLY FUCK Not sure what the double post rules are but I figured this stands on its own. I have chills. Maybe someone else has discovered this, but... This is the music from when the woodsmen pull the soul of BOB out of Evil Coop. I'm not knowledgeable enough to know what piece it is, but hopefully someone here knows. I liked the sound and was curious since it sounded so slow and Lynch seems to have a tendency this season to slow music down a lot, what it sounded like sped up. In-scene it sounds like droning bass noises, but sped up.. I'll let you listen to the sound and hear it yourself. Christ. CHRIST. BOB harvest song.ogg
  6. Very weird thing that I noticed rewatching the episode, probably been pointed out before considering you fucking people notice shit like reversed blinking, When Ray shoots Cooper, he seems to only shoot once. The second shot is actually the exact same video clip as the first gunshot, just repeated. You can notice this in the fact that on the second gunshot, Ray's jacket jumps backwards in position to where it was before he shot, along with the wonky sounding audio. And the one-and-only shot sends Cooper flying backwards. There is no second shot. Also, the 'tesla coil' thing they mentioned on the 'Cast seems clearly to me to be a cigarette lighter from the other metaphysical episode and intro of Dougie. My theory on the woodsman repeating "got a light?" is some sort of desire to get closer to a cigarette lighter, which was in the car of the man driving with his wife. No idea what that 'means' though, besides cigarette lighters and other sources of electricity seeming to be some sort of portal between the lodge-universe and the earth-universe, and related to the woodsmen who make weird zappy arcing electricity noises all the time. I don't fucking know. This show, man. I'm missing/not connecting major parts here. That's a really silly thing to say. "Why are you saying this thing is bad?? This forum is for people who like this thing!!" is totally unconstructive, sure there's a line to draw to avoid unnecessary trolling, but I don't think we need an echo chamber. It's a pretty common artistic sentiment that it can actually help something in the long run to be constrained by certain things: time, budget, etc... because that can sometimes lead to a more interesting, condensed project with less unnecessary fat. It's not ALWAYS true but it's a reasonable sentiment, I think, to believe that this is the case for Twin Peaks S3. Maybe all this shit could be edited down, but I personally do like the slow, tense pace of the season.
  7. Nagging wife? Whoa, what? I for sure interpreted that as someone emotionally abusive, not just nagging. She throws out argument after argument over minor things, and turns anything he says into something incredibly negative that she implies is Clearly His Fault, and you can tell by his reactions that he's simply given up trying to reason with this person because she simply cannot be reasoned with - she just wants to be miserable and nobody's allowed to say anything otherwise. It's a really uncomfortable interaction overall. I think overall it indicates a shitty relationship due to a total lack of communication both ways, but notice that she turns the issue of money (like $4, i mean how expensive can a big bucket be) on solving a practical problem, into an intentional plot to keep her from buying the things she wants (and a new rug is hardly practical). It's gross.
  8. Personally I don't expect 'that version' of cooper to snap out of it any time soon. I think that'll only happen when Bad Coop is somehow pulled back into the red room, and allows Doug Coop to re inhabit his body - my current theory is that Doug Coop is sort of a subconscious version of cooper, sort of like a lucid dream, and when he is able to, he'll get sucked back into a power outlet and then pop back out into Bad Coop's body and take over again.
  9. Re: arrowheads, indian heritage See the massive arrow shapes in the girl who gets killed (Can't remember her name)'s outfit, her earrings and her v-neck. Funnily, Bad Coop also has a bit of an arrow shape in his shirt but that's probably not actually anything. On the first night she wears hoop earrings but does have the arrow-shaped cutaway v-neck. Also, see Evil Coop. NSFW: Her thong, prominently shown from behind when she undresses, also makes an arrow shape. My (obvious) theory is that the V-shape/arrowhead is some sort of representation of lust/sex/(/evil?) and seduction into the dark side. Note that the male monster-victim has a plain white T-shirt with a nice round shaped neck, which he eventually takes off to have sex on the couch, before being brutally murdered. Also, Hawk, when discussing with Log Lady that it has something to do with his heritage, is wearing an earring himself: It's a white circle! Not an arrowhead like you might expect the stereotypical thing to be. Other characters as well, when acting their most violent and/or heartless, have very clear V-shaped necklines.