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  1. Rust

    looks like there's another server update, maybe it'll fix the animal issue have you heard of my new band, animal issue?
  2. Rust

    that should also not be happening. I'll look into it after work
  3. Rust

    my house got wrecked too. also plugins don't seem to be working, so I'll use this as a convenient excuse to see about greifing protection scratch that, it looks like oxide is just not loaded, so I'm trying to get that back. I did add noraid and instant craft and a compass though edit: oxide is back up, working on the new plugin configs
  4. Rust

    looks like the update wiped the map I guess. I'll set a calendar notification on my phone for next month and maybe change the world gen seed then.
  5. Rust

    huh, that shouldn't be happening, it should be updating automatically. I'm looking into it. EDIT: it should be up-to-date now. it was set to update "only if needed" which apparently means "not even if needed"
  6. Rust

    I settled towards the south, on the other side of a bay from the docks, but I did just find you in the tower on a hunting trip. killt me a bar.
  7. Rust

    Nick's emergent Rust experience in IT310 got me itchin' to play again. Of course I didn't want to go out and find a server I liked and get destroyed until I spawned away from people, so I bought a small, cheap server. You should join if you wanna play, it'll be cool having other readers around. Details: name Unofficial Thumb IP/port slots 50 join quickly by going to the console (f1) and entering: connect PVP is allowed. There's a live map here. The only mods are Oxide (mod API), PlayRust:IO (live map), Gather Manager (resource multipliers that don't seem to work), Sleeper Animal Protection (so you don't get et), and Give. The only rule is to not be a jackass. Don't hack, be nice, etc.
  8. after a long period of not doing things, I'm doing things again. yesterday I added nick, chris, and jake, and I made the music not shit. today after sleeping I will add an amazing weather simulator. with three distinct clouds, I'm not sure anyone will ever top it. edit: it's done. uploaded and "play"able
  9. I've been busy with a friend's wedding for the past few days and am now on the car ride home. The internet's kinda spotty tethering from the phone and a bad cable isn't helping, so I can't learn much of pico-8, but I did figure something out for animating the sky. instead of an array of four random tiles being cycled across (which I wrote yesterday and almost got working), I could just have one blue rectangle be drawn then slide a cloud sprite over it. I have a vague idea of how to do it, but again, spotty internet. I also wrote a short, shitty music loop and set something up to write random values to random addresses in the music area. this will either make it shittier or silent (and better). maybe if I get all the code done early enough I'll write a better tune.
  10. a while ago I picked up pico 8, made it draw a background, then stopped messing with it for like a year. I'm gonna use this jam as an opportunity to do it again, overhaul the background drawin' thing, and draw pixel art of the back of the thumbs' heads, as well as relearn pico-8 lua. so far I've got my dev environment set up and most of the program rewritten. this is gonna be the year's premier wall-staring simulator.
  11. WIZARD JAM 5 // Welcome Thread

    oh boy oh boy, I started listening to thumbs around the end of the last jam and have wanted to take part since