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  1. Psyching Out That Bear

    My original plan was to have about 4 to 5 more, but I just didn't have the time. I had never done any sprite work before so it took me a long time to get just those. Haha yeah the fence is taken from the original video, its pretty silly. Thanks for the compliments, although I did play your game so I know what real sprite work looks like
  2. Psyching Out That Bear

    The game is done and playable, although I didn't have enough time to add sound, which is a bummer. Feels nice to actually have a completed game to my name, even if it is pretty rough. Link is here:
  3. Psyching Out That Bear

    I added a crowd with some animations and added animations to the bear and Kobayashi. I don't know what to use for gifs so just a still image for now. I also added some sprites for Nick, Chris, and Jake, but I haven't had time to animate them yet. What do people normally use to record gifs?
  4. Psyching Out That Bear

    I spent the past week working on some graphics. I'm not really much of an artist, so the art is kind of rough. I haven't put in any animation yet and I'm still missing the crowd. The button prompts are just a mockup for now but I feel like I'm at least making progress.
  5. Psyching Out That Bear

    Hey all, I just started listening to idle thumbs a few months ago and this will be my first wizard jam. I've also never released a game before so I decided to do something pretty simple. The premise of the game is based on a weird event where Takeru Kobayashi (a hot dog eating champion) was in a hot dog eating contest with a bear, link to video. Your job in the game is to try to enable Kobayashi to win via psyching out that bear. The actual gameplay is pretty simple. It is based on Zell's limit break from Final Fantasy VIII, where you are given a series of simple fighting game style inputs and you pick one which then plays an animation and does damage. In my game each move will just increase the time it takes for the bear to eat his hot dogs. I've set up most of the game logic, now I'm just starting to add sprites which has not gone as well as I was hoping so far. I was also hoping to have at least 4 moves plus 1 super move, and I've got maybe 1 or 2 moves I'm happy with so far. I figure I should at least have some reference to the podcast so one of the moves is throwing the endlessly singing bear at the hot dog eating bear. Since I don't know all the podcast recurring jokes I'm just going with silly/ridiculous things that won't require too much art since I'm really bad at art.