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  1. [Dev Log] The Return, Part 1

    HA HA HA nite nite TJ. If u wnt to kno the truf, make a game about the rooster girl. <3 <3 <3 ttyl
  2. [Dev Log] The Return, Part 1

    Thx for posting on the alumni FB group. Glad I found ur 'art' or w/e. took me a while to figure out the captcha. wat is a PODCAST? I have info 4 you. Do u rly wnt to kno about 'Alexis' or watevr ur kalling him? To prov I kno u: Wen u were in my car, Id make hard turns and say 'skrrrrt.' Ud say dum shit like 'paaaaaaaaaaants' & 'paaaaaaaaaaaaaaantaloons' b/c it sounded like I was sayin skirt. Still wanna kno? AlexisRealNameHAHAHA.txt