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  1. This was such a great episode! Unfortunately I wasn't able to watch it Sunday night and woke up Monday morning to an A.V. club article with the headline "Dale Cooper is back, 100 percent." WTF!!!!!!!!!! Luckily there were plenty of other great things within the episode for me to enjoy even with that HUGE spoiler. I do feel like I was robbed of potentially emotionally powerful moment though :-(
  2. Hey! Remember that universally loved character? Let's make her awful! 😭
  3. I agree that interesting women exist in the story, I'd just really like for their characters to be given more screen time/dialogue.
  4. I want to start off by saying that I LOVED this episode. That being said, the woman honking the horn in the car outside the Double R was incredibly off putting to me and not in the way that was intended. IMO there still haven't been enough development of female characters to continually use hysterical women to add flavor to scenes. It just felt icky. On another note, I never imagined having such warm feelings for Bobby Briggs, and I'm pretty sure Hawk is supposed to be the new Coop.
  5. I'm predicting Badalamenti's music will become more prominent as Dougie/Cooper becomes more self aware. Clever.
  6. Jamesklambert, I'm not going back on my statement, but apologize if I came across as referring to you as unreasonable. That was not my intention. I will point out though that women using their sexuality to get ahead in male dominated industries is something that rarely exists in the real world, and on the occasions it does happen, it pretty much always backfires resulting in your male colleagues objectifying you even more and your female colleagues resenting you. You tend to learn this pretty quickly, so I stand by that it is not a decision a reasonable woman would make. Whether or not it is a reasonable directorial decision is another question all together. I think no, but I can see room for interpretation and am still very willing to let Mr. Lynch prove me wrong.
  7. Why is Preston's walk "ridiculous?" Have you never known a woman who looks like a runway model and chooses to play it up at some moments by playing the part? Why does it have to be a bad thing here? Maybe she's feeling disrespected and wants them to take a good look at what they will never have. Is it the best choice in the workplace? No. Is it a choice someone might make? Yes. As a moderately attractive woman who also happens to work in an industry dominated by old men (agricultural sciences) I can say that is not a choice a reasonable person who wants to be taken seriously by her peers would ever make.
  8. I agree to a certain extent. The Josie character was problematic on a few levels (submissive Asian woman/dragon lady), but Audrey, while she was portrayed as beautiful and sometimes in a sexual context, had TONS of agency. She made things happen. She was in control for the most part. There was also several very different female characters: Donna, Norma, Nadine, Lucy, Catherine Martell, Shelly; so no one female character was responsible for representing all women on the show.
  9. The way that actress is directed to walk is ridiculous though. Can't she just walk like a person? The four women murdered and agent Preston's portrayal thus far individually would have probably just mildly annoyed me, but cumulatively it's a lot to take
  10. Hey guys. I really like the show, but I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty disappointed that the show's portrayal of women hasn't come up in discussion. After you spent time talking about casual racism with Hawk, there is absolutely no mention of things that could at this point read as blatant misogyny. So far on the show 4 women have been murdered, 2 in various states of undress. There is a notable lack of lines delivered by female characters and when agent Preston appears, a character that could potentially be relatable to female viewers, her character is developed by talking about how hot she is and directing the actress to walk as though she's a runway model. Kind of what the fuck?! If this was a different series, I wouldn't be shocked, but it stands in stark contrast to the original series, which despite being centered around the sexual abuse and murder of a teenage girl didn't feel completely alienating to female viewers. I'm hoping they fix this problem in episode to come because I think the show looks gorgeous and I'm intrigued by the lore, but if they don't, there is a good chance I'll stop watching which would break my heart as a long time fan.