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  1. Twin Peaks Rewatch 49: The Return, Part 14

    Why has no one mentioned the ninja window cleaner, loved that bit!
  2. Twin Peaks Rewatch 48: The Return, Part 13

    I think Chris and Jake... But I also am excited about a full rewatch podcast if they did one.
  3. Twin Peaks Rewatch 48: The Return, Part 13

    Secondly on that, the fact that when Coop as Dougie first saw Sonny Jim sitting in the car he cried and felt emotional. Possibly because during his time in the lodge he has already been alerted/made aware somehow to the fate of this boy, but as Dougie he is not able to realise what that connection is as he's all scrambled. This is playing with an idea of time running in opposite directions between the real world and the red room. Almost like two trains with carriages passing each other in opposite directions, or even one just faster than the other. In this case it would be the real world moving faster than the red room to make the red room appear as a backwards motion. You can step from one train to another, but only at the right time when the doors are alligned. So once you're in the same carriage completley your space and time is moving together i.e. appears forwards/normal. However if only visiting or viewing from your world (or train) relativity would dictate that time (portrayed by motion in this analogy) is now appearing to run backwards in that other world (or motion of the train). Anyway, this is an idea of time in the lodge and real worlds that's been going through my head and i'm finding it hard to put down into words!! Are the rails forever a straight line or do the lines loop round etc... it's a rough metaphor to try and help my poor brain grasp some notion of the whole time thing in twin peaks!!
  4. Twin Peaks Rewatch 48: The Return, Part 13

    In respect to this I found that the use of Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake song was interesting, partly because of the story of Swan Lake with regards to the white Swan and Black swan. Here's a brief description found on the web: The story of Swan Lake is woven around two girls, Odette and Odile, who resemble each other so closely they can easily be mistaken for the other. Originally their roles were entrusted to two separate dancers, but as there is only one brief fleeting moment when they are seen simultaneously, it has long been customary for a single prima ballerina to perform both parts, differentiating them by characterisation and general style. The action takes place in Germany in the distant past. This is obviously poignant with regards to Dougie and Mr C, but also, may allude to the fact that we will only see the two of them together but for a fleeting moment. Or perhaps only see Dale Cooper for but a fleeting moment. Secondly, the song in the scene is called Finale. A little Lynch and Frost nod at the ending of the season? The name also makes me predict bad things for Sonny Jim. The whole scene was very striking, jarring and somehow un nerving. Finale being that his finale is imminent, combined with the fact that Dougie re says the line "Seven Heaven", perhaps alluding to death. Janey-E seeming so happy and things going so well for them feels like such a bad omen for me as well, if things are that rosey, expect a change, a big dramatic Lynch and Frost style gruesome and unexpected kid death style of change. It's of course hard to tell/read into Dougie's experession but he does also seem to be pensively looking at Sonny Jim playing, almost sympathetically. This is probably a massive over analysis and unnecessary. But, that's why we're all here right?! The spotlight also made me feel this was more important a random scene than the baseball one for example.
  5. Twin Peaks Rewatch 48: The Return, Part 13

    Also, any theories on wherwe the Dutchman's is? It's clearly a code as Ray has looked for it and said it's not a real place... ; How's this for an out there theory... After a quick googe of the Dutchman I found this song: "The Dutchman" is a song written by Michael Peter Smith in 1968 and popularized by Steve Goodman. At the time Smith wrote the song, he had never visited the Netherlands. The song is about an elderly couple living in Amsterdam, Margaret and the title character. The unnamed Dutchman is senile, and Margaret cares for him with a sadness over what has happened to him over the years. It is a story of unconditional love. So, we know a Margaret, Log Lady. Coud Philip Jefferies be linked to the log?!?!
  6. Twin Peaks Rewatch 48: The Return, Part 13

    With the timeline's all over the place, especially in the real world and the lodge not seeming to coincide, I think that it's one ring which keeps getting transported back into the lodge via death. I figured that this was the plan of whoever/whatever Phillip Jeffries is to get BadCoop back into the lodge, as it appreared that Ray returned to the lodge because of wearing the ring, and Badcoop was sending a message to the lodge by making Ray wear the ring that the plan has not worked. It may also explain why Mike was wearing the ring in FWWM, it's a kind of safety net, where is he's killed in the real world then he's returned to the lodge.
  7. Twin Peaks Rewatch 47: The Return, Part 12

    Haha, would appear I went off on a tangent defending this episode. But in honesty I can see why people didn't like this episode, personally though, I like it. And I'm not saying the over analysing is wrong, I do it to an extreme at times, however, not to get worked up when it proves difficult to do so, or when bad information is given to do it with. As it's kinda the point. Straight off wikipedia, forgive my research laziness; In philosophy, "the Absurd" refers to the conflict between the human tendency to seek inherent value and meaning in life and the human inability to find any. In this context absurd does not mean "logically impossible", but rather "humanly impossible".[1] The universe and the human mind do not each separately cause the Absurd, but rather, the Absurd arises by the contradictory nature of the two existing simultaneously. Accordingly, absurdism is a philosophical school of thought stating that the efforts of humanity to find inherent meaning will ultimately fail (and hence are absurd) because the sheer amount of information as well as the vast realm of the unknown make total certainty impossible. As a philosophy, absurdism furthermore explores the fundamental nature of the Absurd and how individuals, once becoming conscious of the Absurd, should respond to it. The absurdist philosopher Albert Camus stated that individuals should embrace the absurd condition of human existence while also defiantly continuing to explore and search for meaning.[2] This screams Lynch and Frost in season 3 of twin peaks, and makes the point I tried to make previously far more coherently.
  8. Twin Peaks Rewatch 47: The Return, Part 12

    Hey all, A friend recently pointed out that season 3 is like a movie version of the theatre of the absurd, a 1950's alternative thinking theatre genre, give it a Google and just look at the images, very twin peaks invoking. Anyway, I mention this because I feel like people are missing Lynch's inspiration and style, he doesn't want to give you answers, or have clean well explained scenes containing characters with well cemented back stories, they want you to feel uncomfortable, because life is so. The constant searching for pattern and meaning in life is absurd (referencing absurdism), and as such Lynch and Frost are forcing us into absurd link findings by purposefully not giving full back stories before diving into intense scenes, and shrouding evidence so the viewer is unaware of its importance in the whole. There's plenty of modern shows with neat well packaged story lines and predictable "mysteries", personally, I'm enjoying a show with true mystery, and you can't have mystery without misdirection. Anyway, this episode feels like absurdism. We make the episode absurd by forcing links and meaning when there is no need.
  9. Twin Peaks Rewatch 40: The Return, Part 6

    I laughed at the King and I comment and read nothing into it as important personally. I laughed because it instantly reminded me of the scene between Pete and Catherine when she was "disguised" as Takamora. They were at the bar and he asks "Have you ever seen the King and I?". Loved it!
  10. Twin Peaks Rewatch 37: The Return, Part 3

    True, however i'm as of yet uncovinced that the sexual activity is what caused the monster to appear, It could easily be some misdirection from Lynch and just wanting some close ups and focus on the whirring noises, he seems to be far more focused on sound effcts rather than music in this season than previous ones. If it was them who caused the thing to appear in the box then it opens up possible ideas of how emotions can cause enterances to this other world appear. Such as when Wyndham Earl found out that fear is what opens the black lodge, or love is perhaps what opens the white lodge. Still think that the glass box is a corridor rather than a room in it's own, so don't think it's an entry point as such.
  11. Twin Peaks Rewatch 37: The Return, Part 3

    I'll leave it there for now, I could babble on for ages! None of my friends watch Twin Peaks so I have no one to bounce ideas off, therefore you are my sounding board and thinking outloud avenue... apologies!
  12. Twin Peaks Rewatch 37: The Return, Part 3

    The whole being sick with creamed corn and general black ooze/sludge, would suggest that it's BOB or a BOB like spirit who's being sick because that's what is in their stomach because that's what they feed on (fear and suffering). Why they are sick I am unsure, and it also seems that whilst this would suggest it is the start of being taken into the red room, Dougie was but DoppleCoop was not because the policemen found him in his car post crash. So perhaps this is the start of DoppleCoop's plan working, he should have been taken into the red room at that time but Dougie was instead. Was maybe Dougie made by DoppleCoop to act as a human shield, that so he was taken into the room in his place. Thus fullfiuling his purpose as Mike stated. He was also wearing the green ring suggesting he was perhaps completing a cycle. I also found it interesting how Mike knew to cover his eyes just before Dougie turned into the gold ball, has Mike seen this before? He certainly looked perturbed, he was maybe expecting DoppleCoop to be the one who was there. Speaking of rings, I couldn't help but think of the 12 days of Christmas song when Jacobi was spray painting his 5 shovels gold, rings are an important part of Twin Peaks assumiung cycles and repetition is an important theme.
  13. Twin Peaks Rewatch 37: The Return, Part 3

    Hey there all, I am late to the forum party but having just watched season 3 I was curious as to the thoughts of others and the diorection or meaning of some of these scenes. Firstly the connection to slectricity is becoming more and more prominent this season, I particularly loved the way the plug sockets that Coop came out of after Dougie was taken into the red room looked like smiling faces observing the madness going on before them. The purple room was interesting and really scary, Lynch has really gone to town this season on his long drawn out scenes that he loved so much in season 1 and 2 (the old waiter, old man in bank, old man walking across the road in FWWM), however they seem to be more of a regular thing to build tension and intrigue rather than the "cameo scences" as they were treated as in the original series. Personally I love these long drawn out scenes! I like the idea that Coop was followed into the box, and it may be possible that whoever "mother" is that was banging on the door of the purple room is this person who followed him. She seemed aggressive and the blind lady was plenty scared of her. I went back and paused on the scene when Albert and Gordon are being shown the shadowy figure in the box, and it looks like it could be a woman, just from shape contours. Which leads to the idea of who mother is?! Also, when the blind woman went up and pulled the lever and seemingly reset the purple room below, changing the "safe teleporting box" number and the woman inside. I'm not sure if this woman was meant ro represent the same woman but before she had her eyes fused closed, maybe by "mother" or whatever is banging on the door. Perhaps suggesting the room has changed in time rather than a change in space? It is then strongly suggested that this purple room is still well within the confines of the black lodge, because it is the only place where backwards talking has been used and exhibited, and that's exactly what this new woman was doing.