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  1. i'm confused about the location of the trailer park... i thought it was in deer meadow, oregon but apparently it's close enough to be driving to twin peaks every day? am i missing something?
  2. has it been mentioned that the log lady says in her message to hawk that the answer has something to do with his heritage... the ruth davenport murder takes place at 1349 arrowhead rd
  3. just for clarification on bobby... didn't he kill a cop in FWWM?
  4. i have a question maybe some of you can answer... so at the end of episode 4 we have a sort of punch-drunk evil coop who seems maybe a little overwhelmed by, i guess, the black lodge (he says something like "it's yrev very good to see you") and his teeth are now black just like windom earle and laura palmer both had before they meet their respective demises... so what exactly do the black teeth have to do with what is happening? am i missing something?
  5. i think MIKE appeared to coop once he realized that dougie wasn't an actual doppelgänger and that's when he said that one of them would have to die. this is because cooper should have traded places with evil coop but he was "tricked" i THINK that either coop can coexist with dougie but not with each other.
  6. ok so i just have a couple points/questions/ideas for some of what we've seen so far and maybe i'm reaching so if i'm way off base please let me know because this forum seems to be the one place i can find with real twin peaks insights. here goes: 1. Wally Brando is totally Dick Tremayne's kid 2. so MIKE makes it known that the Coops can't coexist... during the meeting with cole & company at the prison, evil Coop's speech and seemingly his cognition are much slower than in the previous episodes... so i'm wondering if as good Coop is gaining more of his "brain" as evil Coop is losing his... sort of balancing out?? 3. the casino boss (Patrick Fischler) refers to a man as someone he hopes "roger" never has like in his life and for some reason i believe that this person is the same "anonymous billionaire" from the room with the glass box. i do think that we already know this character from the original run and this person would (obviously) be familiar with the lodges. something strange that also stuck out to me was how Dougie wears the jade ring and seems unaware of any of the business with doppelgängers and the lodges but maybe it doesn't matter since he's just a gold ball now ugh i had another point but it's slipped my mind now... anyway thanks for reading through all the run-on sentences also the laura palmer we see in the black lodge with cooper earlier on removes her face to reveal a sort of white glow and when dougie evaporates he becomes this black smoke or fog. maybe they're unrelated as well but it's just something that stuck in my head that i needed to put out there.