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  1. Very similar look, though. And it's not beyond David Lynch to rename someone for his own purposes, like when no one knew that Piper Laurie was the Japanese guy ...
  2. I have a hard time seeing Lynch's work as anything other than purely intentional. Whether it's sound or visuals, i believe he has a clear vision and sees that vision is realized as precisely as possible.
  3. Am I seeing things or is glass box sofa kid the same guy that's a young Twin Peaks deputy in the conference room scene?
  4. New to the forum, old to Twin Peaks. Douggie serms to be a construct created by BOB to trap Cooper when he exits the Black Lodge. He has the ring, and his arm goes dead, echoing Mike, who greets him in the Black Lodge before the "bad" tree takes his essence. Also, in that same sequence, when BadCoop vomits, he vomits garmonbozia ... Possibly weakening his hold on the Cooper body. I guess we'll see later how this plays out. The blind woman appeared Asian. Is this supposed to evoke Josie Packard? (Edit to correct autocorrect!)
  5. I thought that was Jürgen Prochnow, from that scene from FWWM with BOB and the others in the room above the convenience store ... showing BOB's touch in the situation.