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  1. With regards to the AUDREY SCENE, i just thought i'd mention that i've watched it several times now and i'm not sharing the general disappointment i've picked up from the peaksphere: It was cryptic: Talk of a contract, a marriage without wedding rings, a mysterious one sided phone call, a slew of new character names that may or may not link up to previous events. It was oddly paradoxical: Charlie stating he doesn't have a crystal ball when there is one blatantly in front of him in several shots. It was deliberately teasing the viewer: Audrey exasperation of not being informed of what was happening in the phone call and leaving it on a cliffhanger. The dialogue was purposefully outdated and corny: Audreys 30's talk of 'call a spade a spade' and 'dreams harken to truth'. Charlies talk of 'you can't talk to your husband like that'. It was odd and funny, had a foul mouthed lady in distress, a little person, long silent staring and talk of bad, violent dreams. I mean, apart from missing a Badalamenti track, it couldn't be more Twin Peaks! Two thumbs up!
  2. About that scene where the jet flies along and the windows appear to white out in a sequence. It struck me as very odd... and deliberate. So i took a screencapture and messed with the levels and, from what i can tell, it looks like the windows have been digitally erased. And not particularly neatly. I did this with a bunch of different frames and its the same. Scrappy rub outs. More numbers!
  3. Quick brainfart thought. Philip Jeffries went missing. When he briefly reappeared he said "We Live Inside A Dream". And then he was sucked back to a dream version of Buenos Aires (it must be a different reality or he would wouldn't have been missing and simply called back in using a phone). I'm thinking the exact same has happened to Coop. He's stuck inside a dream version of Las Vegas, but the dream is a literal place that exists in its own universe (a trap created by bob). Like all dream logic, reality gets confused within the dream: Rancho Rosa: The RR Silver Mustang: White Horse Sycamore Street: Sycamore Trees Lancelot Court/Merlins Market: Glastonbury Grove One Armed Bandit (slot machines): One Armed Man Dale Cooper: Dougie Jones ... and more parallels i'm sure. All of this tracks to the same dream state that happens to the protagonists of Lost Highway, Mulholland Drive and Inland Empire. Motifs appear in different forms within the dream that relate to something in the real world... and the protagonist eventually finds out the truth and escapes (even if they don't want to). This is why, to me, the whole thing feels unreal. The music is different. The acting is different. We're literally not where we are supposed to be. The reason i mention this here is because Mike then appears in this episode: "You have to Wake Up." So, is Coop living inside a dream?
  4. People sitting on a sofa watching a glass box. Waiting a long time for something to happen. Getting off on the secrecy of it all. They miss Cooper (literally). Something else appears in the glass box instead. Its dark. Unrecognisable. Raw. Ugly. Violent. It completely messes with their heads. Welcome to the new Twin Peaks.... As people have no doubt noticed, like the opening 'smash a TV with a lead pipe' sequence of Fire Walk With Me, i reckon Lynch is being less than subtle with this sequence. It feels like his intention from the start is to destroy expectations and conventions again. Reckon this won't be the most comfortable ride but something that will be appreciated more with distance and time. Just like the movie. I had bad dreams that night.