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  1. I Wish I Could(n't) Quit You: Video Games that Just Don't Click

    Admittedly I think I'd love if the Wii U supported an instant-on save state but I've found that after about 25 hours, my sessions average an hour or so at a time, so something is clearly working for me! Am concerned at the growing list of quests that I don't know if I'll ever be bothered to attempt. But I love the freedom that gives me.
  2. Another Red Redemption, Dead

    Heh! Seriously though, it has been interesting for me to read the above takes - I never really 'realised' the cynical side of the RDR story - though partly as I didn't pay too much attention to it, and kind of always treated that side of it as a Western-style pastiche. Either way I didn't really care. What did float my boat was the scenery, the expansive feeling of space, the detail of the settings... It was just a great place to look around. Same as coughlinjon, I return to GTAV now and then but purely to drive around or 'explore' a bit of the map I'm less familiar with. The story didn't interest me, and elements of it were downright unpleasant.
  3. Recently completed video games

    I finished Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. I don't often actually *finish* video games, so this is an achievement. I hadn't played it in many years but had fond memories. And when it came down to it, the final levels in Wario's castle felt very familiar, so I'm fairly sure I got most of the way to the end in the past but failed to actually beat Wario. Good thing I had the use of save states this time round. Next on the list is Super Mario Bros. 3 which I never played, but already feels very familiar possibly because early Mario or possibly because elements were re-used in later editions or remasters. Then it's on to Super Mario Land 3 and the rest of the Wario games.
  4. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    I remember playing this through on release and having a blast - but mostly thanks to the gorgeous scenery and setpieces. Regrettably I'd not played the earlier games (although I recently started the first entry and it's great). The game does indeed feel rather on-rails, and I often wished I could go back to areas to explore them. That all said, it might be time for another play through. When I picked up BS1 recently, I also got 2 and Infinite (they're all a couple of quid at CeX), so I wonder how playing the first two will colour my re-play of Infinite when I finally get there.
  5. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

    Good overview, Jenna. I've come to the game after playing New Leaf since January and getting quite addicted (as well as having weeks-long dry spells now and then). I've been really enjoying the mobile game - a lot of the elements (the cuteness, the sound design etc) that I enjoy on the 3DS game are there. And although it plays differently, I was enjoying the process of leveling up. Lately though, I've hit something of a wall in terms of how much stuff I can make for my animal pals. I *think* it's now at a point where I either buy the craft items with leaf tickets (which I'm reluctant to do) or just wait much longer to receive the craft items as rewards from my animal friends. Anyway. It's still grabbing me at least once a day, and it's cool that you can add friends so easily. My ID is 5624 6274 650 and I've added all of you lot above.
  6. Letterboxd

    Thanks for this thread for the reminder that Letterboxd is a thing, and to import my IMDb data. I'm https://letterboxd.com/paulcapewell/
  7. New people: Read this, say hi.

    I am new! I stumbled on this forum looking for reviews and remarks on some games I've recently been looking in to. Was also pleasantly surprised to find posts by a forum member whose blog I follow and whose writing on games and books I've enjoyed for a year or more. (Will spare their blushes by not naming them here.) Have just started listening to the Idle Thumbs podcast and am looking forward to wading in to other areas of the forum and maybe other podcasts too... I've been a fairweather gamer for about two decades. I've recently played/been playing Life is Strange, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Attack of the Friday Monsters, some of the Professor Leyton and Phoenix Wright games, and other stalwarts like GTA:V, Red Dead Redemption, Mario Kart 7, Just Cause 2, Beautiful Katamari etc. And I have always been at war with playing Transport Tycoon Deluxe/OpenTTD and Command & Conquer: Red Alert (1 and 2).