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  1. I literally said, "Starring Kyle MacLachlan" as a joke at the end, like "Wouldn't it be funny if the credits rolled right now?" And then they did. I also like to think that an extension to the final scene is Cooper's phone ringing and it's the angry Vegas FBI guy to yell at him about finding people. This is what we do at the FBI!!!!
  2. Very interested to hear all the reactions.
  3. If Candie was Diane, surely Awakened Coop would have recognized her on the plane... Unless her appearance has changed.
  4. I don't have a lot of experience with hospitals, but I imagine people here leave hospitals a lot earlier than they should all the time, because they're so unbelievably expensive.
  5. Yeah, I usually get up and start putting the dishes from dinner away once the musical segments start. Lynch got one over on me this time.
  6. I can't envision a series so dead-set on subverting television ending on something so cliche, a universally reviled trope.
  7. I love that their downfall was in a stupid dispute with one of those NIMBYs who get all mad when people park at the curb in front of their houses. As ridiculous as the Russian guy was being, they could have avoided the Bonny & Clyde treatment if they had just moved back a bit. Mr. Jackpot's reach is far. However, Cooper still would have been fine, because I don't think he went back to the house.
  8. When the credits rolled I said, "That was my Episode 8."
  9. "Phew, it doesn't fit. No no no NO NOOOOOO!"
  10. It was interesting seeing the origin of the name "Gordon Cole", because in my Hollywood neighborhood two streets I often drive over are Gordon, and then a few blocks later, Cole. I always figured that's where the name came from. Of course maybe that movie, itself named after a Hollywood street (Sunset Blvd), took "Gordon Cole" from those very streets.
  11. Did anyone flash back to Bobby and Mike barking in the jail cell during this jail scene? Two people freaking out a third by making loud animal noises.
  12. All this time I've been wondering if Nadine still has super strength, I'm so glad SOMEONE has it.
  13. Every time the show mentions Phillip Jeffries actively doing things or interacting with characters off-screen, there's something in me that gets thrown off as I think, "But Phillip Jeffries is dead..." as the feeling literally comes from the fact that David Bowie is dead.
  14. We need to get "Do you need any money" guy and "Got a light" guy in a room together.
  15. That took place in Montana, right? I guess when Richard Horne skips town, he really skips town.