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  1. Audiobook clip from The Final Dossier, which reveals the fate of a character from the original series: http://welcometotwinpeaks.com/news/twin-peaks-the-final-dossier-audiobook/
  2. http://welcometotwinpeaks.com/news/twin-peaks-season-3-blu-ray-bonus-material/ Can't wait!
  3. So, someone on Twitter just posted that the dead guy in Carrie's house is one of the two henchmen that met up with Janey-E in the park...
  4. Apologies if posted already, but here are some random tidbits from Sabrina Sutherland's AMA and David Lynch's Q&A from this week... Lynch (and Sutherland) have never read Frost's Secret History book, and have zero idea what's going to be contained within The Final Dossier. Frost and Lynch wrote the entire season together, and then Frost departed to write Secret History as Lynch filmed the season and had full creative control. Frost was shown any script changes by Lynch (who also made on-the-spot improvisational changes during filming) but Frost never vetoed or changed anything. No details on exactly how much is was on-the-spot Lynch. Lynch didn't dismiss the idea of a new TP season (or movie) but stressed that it'd take a very long time to come together (reiterated that The Return took 4+ years to write and produce). Simultaneously viewing episodes of the show "...definitely not the way to watch these parts." Sutherland was coy when someone asked who voiced The Arm in The Return. People on Reddit speculate it's Lynch's voice (most popular theory) while some immediately guessed Audrey or Charlie (due to the Arm referencing the story of the little girl who lives down the lane). Lynch said he wouldn't answer what happened to Audrey, saying that the viewer needs to decide that on their own. “What matters is what you believe happened. Many things in life just happen and we have to come to our own conclusions. You can, for example, read a book that raises a series of questions, and you want to talk to the author, but he died a hundred years ago. That’s why everything is up to you.” FWIW, Q: "Would you say that your understanding of what we saw is greater than that of most viewers?" A: "Yes." Bowie gave them permission to use his old scenes Annie was never a part of The Return's story and Heather Graham was never approached for a role Both Ontkean and Michael J. Anderson were approached to reprise their roles but declined Some of Sutherland's responses detail what filming a scene was like with Lynch and dives into a few more process questions, pretty interesting.
  5. Do you have any readily-available links to further reading on these theories? Sounds like something I'd be interested in digging through a bit. Off to Reddit I go (only to never be heard from again)!
  6. I always thought his were light blue, but also wasn't sure if they were meant to be white but that was as white as they could get them (via usable contacts)? This crossed my mind when I saw that they released those Funko Pop figures of Black Lodge Coop, who has white eyes. That being said, the Laura and "evil" Leyland figures also had white eyes too so who knows.
  7. This and the Waggish article have given me far too much to chew on. Items in both seem to be stretches for the sake of making their theories work (and they admit as such at times) but there's quite a lot that seems plausible. Pretty incredible, really. I've read myself in circles about the finale episodes since Sunday and am eager to do a full rewatch of the season, maybe timed so I can finish it right when The Final Dossier hits. Also, the Medium article's references to the Jack Parsons connections made me realize I need to dive deeper into The Secret History. For Frost to write two entire books that cap the start and finish of this season leads me to believe that they'll both be pivotal in understanding a lot of what we saw. Even though Dossier has been described as a simple look into the lives of TP residents during the last 25 years I'm figuring there will be some really important stuff tucked into there. Assuming that post-Dossier we never get official TP material again, I can't even imagine how much the fanbase will dissect and build upon theories and ideas in the coming years. Gah, The Return was just incredible.
  8. The persistence of Frost's upcoming book being labeled as his "final take" on TP also leads me to believe it's over, but perhaps they just mean via his self-written book format. I'd absolutely love to see one more thing - whether it's a shortened season or movie. I just don't see it happening. That being said, Lynch clearly loves that world so I wouldn't be surprised to see him want to jump back in again.
  9. Hot damn, I forgot about that moment. Good catch.
  10. I don't understand why Audrey would have the same name in alt-world while everyone else was different, though. But I do like the idea of Roadhouse-related scenes being in the alt-world, somehow. This theory has holes in it (James, Freddie, Shelly, Red, were all spotted there, among others), but it'd potentially explain the other episode-capping scenes that featured characters we've never met discussing other characters we never met or barely knew. After seeing the mash-up video that draws parallels between Jodi crawling on the Roadhouse floor and DougieCoop crawing for the electrical outlet, I wonder if there are more parallels with those scenes that I never noticed. Like the girl that kept scratching. And scratching. And scratching. Fun interview with Johnny Jewel of Chromatics about his experience filming and recording music for The Return: https://consequenceofsound.net/2017/09/the-world-spins-johnny-jewel-talks-twin-peaks-david-lynch-and-whats-next-for-chromatics/
  11. It certainly crossed my mind, but I just don't want to accept an answer that turns the entire show into a dream. These episodes are gnawing at me more than I thought they would... "The stars turn and a time presents itself" almost sounds like what happens with Cooper in the final episode.
  12. I've had similar thoughts, but would be way more onboard with the idea if Charlie had called Audrey by a different name (or not by name at all). Unless the opposite is true, and when she woke up in the white room she was suddenly in the same reality as Richard, Linda, and Carrie (and is not actually named Audrey). But yeah, her little arc had such a horrifying cliffhanger that I'd love to believe some type of answer is buried among the numerous things we saw this season.
  13. I didn't even consider the notion that he'd forever be vegetable-like, but maybe you're right. I thought he was just waking up still, and a bit disoriented (like his confused "Where am I?" when he entered the lodge). I also feel like his previous impulses (spawned from BadCoop) of cheating and gambling will be wiped now that he's a GoodCoop seed. Wait til he sees the new gym set...
  14. The way he acted outside of the lodge seemed to be similar to the way he acted in it. Quiet, only speaking when absolutely necessary, a bit blank-faced but also looking determined to push forward.
  15. To me, that shot symbolizes the dark cloud that Laura's death hung over the town. A moment of pure terror, and everyone else seemed to share a similar reaction (even if they didn't literally scream and run as she did). Perhaps there's something specific about it that's important, but those were my initial thoughts since the first episode of s3.