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  1. How To Sell PS4 w/PT

    I want to sell my PS4 so I can get myself a PRO. I have PT downloaded, so, I'm assuming it has more value..? First, does that matter?!? And second, how do I sell my PS4 with PT without leaving my account on the system? I've gone completely digital, so I have hundreds of dollars of games on the system.. so.. help!
  2. I wanna Lords Management! (PS4)

    I'm in the mood to Lords Management! I'm on PS4, so I have a couple options that are NOT DOTA. So!!!!!!! Any suggestions? Paragon? Overwatch? Smite? And also, why?
  3. Darksiders 3 Excitement?

    VERY excited. On a scale from 1-10 of excitement.. I'm a solid 2........ 1 being most excited. I'm a big ol' fan of both of them. From their basic hack and slash gameplay to it's dungeon puzzle level design.. It feels like a game that is not too much of anything that it borrows from and that is the perfect type of "comfort game" for me. And the art style is ON POINT. So, yeah.. I'm pumped. Boo yeah.
  4. Master of None (TV series)

    I've been going through a hard time in my marriage this past month and I will say that this show really gets my gears turning. It has proven to be the most mature show I've seen in a very long time. It isn't afraid to talk about real issues and feelings real people deal with. The show makes me think about how hard it is to be a human being with emotions. That there is almost never a straight answer when dealing with relationships because we are complicated animals.. I really like this show.
  5. Darksiders 3 Excitement?

    Anyone as excited as me for Darksiders 3?
  6. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hey, guys. I've been listening to the Idle Thumbs podcast since 2012. I've always heard about this friendly community, but have not had a chance to make it over here. So, I'm excited to get into the weeds with everyone here. -Anthony