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  1. Hi Fraser: Thanks for the recommendation. I'm going to purchase Unity of Command looks like a nice strategic game with good user interface. I think my wife will be upset with you guys however because I also purchased Steel Divisions: Normandy 1944 - wow! thank you for the podcast on this game otherwise I never would have heard of it; let along purchase... Absolutely loving it and so is my 9 year-old son! Win-Win! Keep up the good work guys. sincerely, matt
  2. Long time listener and decided to post a question.... Finished Episode 392 Steel Division: Normandy 44 (which was very informative and enjoyable to listen to) and feel myself in a bit of a quandary. I play Advanced Squad Leader/ASL, GMT Silver Bayonet, Churchil, Paths of Glory, etc. - little more complex boardgames but finding I don't have the time to play. Specifically just the setup takes 30-45 minutes + actual playtime then tear down is very time consuming. Finding a block of 3-6 hours and physical space to setup then play is becoming a bit of a challenge. So I've been giving consideration to computer/PC games. I purchased War in the East, printed out manuals and then last week heard the Unity of Command podcast ! Yesterday I listen to Episode 392 with Steel Division... I'd prefer to focus on a single game and get proficient. What would you recommend of the 3 (War in East, Unity or Steel Division)? Only tactical game (unit=squad) I enjoy is ASL - design and fact that thru learning 1 system I can game all of WW2 thru Korea. Also really enjoy the Gamers Standard Combat Series - again once, you get the series rules down - it opens up a pandora's box of exploration. Operational/Division Level Eastern Front is interesting but also have a soft spot for Normandy campaign especially after spending several days touring the area.... Totally enjoy the Podcast guys! Keep up the great work... Confused as usual in LA, Matt