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  1. The story of kids spontaneously creating an entire belief system around the death and afterlife of their Furby reminded me of this incredible magazine article from nearly 20 years ago, about the weird, beautiful folk tales created by homeless children in Miami: http://www.miaminewtimes.com/news/myths-over-miami-6393117 A brief sample of their mythology: God fled the world after a surprise demon attack, but his angels fight on without him. The demons found gateways to Earth through abandoned refrigerators, mirrors, cemeteries, and Jeep Cherokees with black windows. The angels visit downtown Miami and feed off the neon light. When people die, their ghosts try to make their way to the angels' army HQ, in a beautiful jungle somewhere beyond the city, to join the neverending war. Be warned that it's frigging heartbreaking, probably a little heavy for this podcast, I'm sorry! But so fascinating I couldn't resist sharing.