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  1. Hi @perfect_gallows, My name is James. I wrote that letter with LiS spoilers. The moment Rob acknowledged the spoilers, an incredible sense of dread poured over me. Up until the moment I heard him thank me for spoiler warnings, I hadn't even realized what I'd done. The whole letter was a sort of emotional release for me and I didn't do much thinking. I deeply apologize to you and everyone else I spoiled on a game I think is so beautiful. I hope you either have or will still play it. The narrative conceit is truly the vessel, not the end goal of LiS in my opinion and I think you might still be able to experience its most important messages and moments. Happy gaming.
  2. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi! I'm a long time listener. I write a lot; hopefully that's something I can bring to the next Wizard Jam. I'm also James, the guy who accidentally spoiled Life Is Strange for Rob Zacny and possibly multiple readers on Idle Weekend Episode November 21, 2016, Electing Better.