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  1. What an awesome ride this has been. I watched the entire first and second season of Twin Peaks over a two-week period, listening to Rewatch episodes along the way. I then watched FWWM (which traumatised me) and dove straight into The Return. I've loved every minute of this podcast and the discussion it's generated; Twin Peaks is now sitting atop my all time favourite TV shows. Thanks to Chris and Jake for the thoughtful discussions and to everyone here for being generally awesome. Can't wait for the wrap-up episode
  2. @Don't Go There The Judy/Mother/Experiment face hidden under the Sarah Palmer mask is one of the most unsettling images of this whole season. A lot of its impact is because of the "harshness" of the effect; it feels so bizarre and just plain WRONG.
  3. Huh. I don't think this is what happened, but it's a hell of a thought.
  4. I haven't gotten ANY work done today. I'm still reeling. My thoughts have coalesced a bit more and I'm starting to get a clearer sense of what I think happened - thematics aside - on a purely character/plot level: Bad Coop goes to the second set of coordinates which takes him into the white lodge/theatre room. He intends to warp to Judy/Sarah Palmer (evidenced by the image of the Palmer house on the screen) but the Fireman swipes left on that shit and sends him to the Twin Peaks sheriff's office instead. Bad Coop is confused - "What is this?" - but sees it as an opportunity to visitmurder some old friends. The Fireman sent him there knowing that Freddie Hulkhand and Coop Actual are converging on the scene, and they have the powerglove to kill Bob, and the ring to finally send Bad Coop back to the lodge. The Bob-orb (Bob-bomb?) fight happens - and SUCCESS! At this point, we're in happy ending land. Bob is banished, Bad Coop is out of the picture, and Diane is unlocked from her Naido prison. Coop Actual relishes a final moment with his collected friends. In his heart, and with knowledge gained from 25 years of whatever the hell happened to him in the red room, Coop seizes the opportunity to destroy the malevolent evil Judy. To do this he needs (the One) Laura Palmer, and he needs her alive. Coop Actual uses his hotel room key to open a door to Motel De Woodsmen, which also happens to be the source of the ringing sound at the Great Northern. There he meets multiple Grammy-Award-winning kettle Phillip Jeffries, who sends him to the past at Coop's request, specifically the night of her murder. Back in 1989 now. After incorrectly deducing that James is not cool, Laura Palmer storms off into the forest to meet her untimely demise. This time though, she is intercepted by Cooper, who tells her he's taking her home. Given that Coop's on a mission to eliminate Judy, this to me says that even back then, Sarah Palmer had "Judy" within her. Perhaps it was latent back then, awakening fully only after a great trauma (like the murder of your daughter and the revelation that it was your husband, perhaps) This lends validity to the theory that Sarah Palmer is in fact the young girl who swallows the bug in Ep 8. I digress. Coop leads Laura by hand through the night. As they approach the warp zone Laura is suddenly whisked away, leaving Coop alone. I believe this is the work of Judy, for she cannot kill Laura on her own - Sarah Palmer repeatedly smashes a glass bottle into the photograph of Laura, and there's not a scratch on it - but she can send her away, to another place and time, where she might forget herself completely, and Coop might not follow. But Coop is nothing if not persistent. Heeding advice from the Fireman and other lodge entities (as well as Leland Palmer himself) he continues the hunt for Laura, driving with Diane to a specific location flanked by huge electrical towers. Coop warns Diane, "Once we cross it could all be different," and after sharing a final kiss as the Cooper and Diane we know, they breach the veil. - I'm hazy on the events from here, but I have my theories. I might amend this post after I've thought on it more. Thanks for reading!
  5. I'm going to be unpacking this for weeks to come. What a hell of a thing.
  6. Just wanted to add that I absolutely loved Eddie Vedder's musical performance. His voice is so warm and comforting, and hearing him sing as Audrey cautiously walked into the bar was oddly affecting in a way I can't quite articulate.
  7. I can't deal with how good this show is. I just got done with this episode and am pacing around the house all giddy-like. Twin Peaks is a goddamned miracle.
  8. Freakin' incredible. This episode was too good. A few notes: - From the moment that douche in the bar turned to reveal his "truck you" shirt, I knew he was a dead man. But holy shit Sarah Palmer o_O - Diane's Janey-E connection was wholly unexpected and adds another interesting wrinkle if she does turn out to be working for Bad Coop - I thought the big camera move towards the tree stump at Jack Rabbit's Palace was a bit out of place for Twin Peaks, until I saw this: There's so much more to unpack. Sooooooo goooooooooooooooood.
  9. This comment on the BMD Ep13 review really stuck out to me. I've been thinking about the inherent melancholy of seeing these beloved characters decades later - worn by time, often preoccupied about a life that has passed them by. The pace of this season ties in directly to this. It's slower, quieter. When bad shit happens it's sudden and terrifying. EDIT: On the other end of the scale, I'm secretly holding out hope for the scene where Nadine, armed with her golden shovel, cuts a swathe through a pack of woodsmen. Also this scene will be shot 300-style with heaps of crash zooms and speed ramping. Thanks.
  10. I wonder what Candy's deal is. The scene of her talking with the insurance guy on the CCTV screen was really well done. I also loved her absolutely SMASHING Mitchum's face with the remote.
  11. I've finally caught up after watching all of Twin Peaks from S1E1 to now over a few weeks. Adjusting to a weekly schedule is gonna be tough! Just to speculate on the speculation for a moment, I didn't necessarily read the golden orb scene as Laura Palmer being bestowed onto the world. I saw it more as the orb being a symbol of protection, and the woman chose Laura as its destination. Perhaps this is a manifestation of the angel we see in FWWM? Either way, I am loving the ride so far. The podcast is amazing too!
  12. Idle Thumbs !!: With Bagblast

    Hi there! I've been a reader for a few years and have grown to love what you folks have created here. This latest development motivated me to finally register on these fine forums and write words to the effect of "I'm looking forward to listening to the new Active Fingers podcast in whatever form it takes" and now I have done this. Best of luck figuring it all out, I'll be there!