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  1. Why no, I'm not cringing and screaming internally about the time I met Jake at PAX West last year and we totally had a convo that awkwardly petered out when a different Campo/Thumbs fan showed up to talk to Jake while we were already talking. Edit: eventually the other fan finished saying what he wanted to say to Jake and then we went back to talking, but you can't really recover from that so it just became an awkward and mumbly convo on my part until I left.
  2. Chris being blown away at the existence of the SNES Classic, Sea of Thieves, and Jackbox party games just reminds me why they don't do Idle Thumbs anymore.
  3. RobotNick, aka Dr Breck-Man outside of the US.
  4. I definitely said "Ye gods! My brulee is ruined!" to myself as I listened to this episode.
  5. Important If True 50: 4468, Y'all

    Whenever I get hung up on an Idle Thumbs reference, I usually just have to Google it. I'm still trying to figure out where "grenade rolling down a hill" originated. They seem to immediately start using it as a reference to something earlier, but I can't find what that original earlier thing is.
  6. Important If True 50: 4468, Y'all

    So you assumed yall was a wax house but then you hoisted yourself. This is super confusing to an outsider, btw.
  7. Important If True 50: 4468, Y'all

    I'll be dead in the ground before I recognize the Pittsburghian "yinz" for a 2nd person plural pronoun.
  8. Important If True 50: 4468, Y'all

    Remember when he tried to get "Sly Boots" over on you? Oddly enough, I've seen it pop up a few times lately. Maybe it's coming back into vogue?
  9. Important If True 50: 4468, Y'all

    I would say that's hella silly, y'all. (But in all honesty, I've listened to enough hours of people from Northern California podcasting over the years for some NorCal slang to get into my vocab. Similarly, I dated a girl from Texas for several years so I heard "y'all" quite a bit, though I only started using it fairly recently as it's gotten popular as the preferred non-gendered term for a group of people.
  10. The Nick Breckon bot technology has gotten really good lately.
  11. Every time I hear Nick and Chris talk about their old roommate, they definitely hate him but seem to vacillate between "he was okay but kinda weird" and "he is a boat stealing party starting coke fiend"
  12. Ah, from the comments it seems like they finally acknowledge the thing with Nick I've been asking about for weeks ever since Janel announced on Twitter that she was moving to Canada (I rightfully assumed Nick would be going with her) I feel like ending the podcast because Nick is moving away would have been the old, boring, safe thing to do. Important If True is anything but old, boring, and safe! I say forge onwards! What's Sean Vanaman up to anyway? Maybe we're in a time loop and you have to bring Steve Gaynor in for a while, then Nick, then Sean, then Danielle, then Nick again, etc. Chris has to move back and forth across the country a few times.
  13. Nick leaving SF again?
  14. Hey, so I saw on Twitter that Nick's GF is moving to Vancouver for work. Does this mean we have to dust off the ole "F Nick Breckon"? Sorry if this is a weird, personal question. I figure if they didn't want people to know they wouldn't have said anything.
  15. I was also familiar with said poop story, but could not remember where I had heard it. Also that wire Orthodox Jews use to signify a "house" is everywhere in NYC, and it's totally a loophole. Same as Orthodox Jews hiring someone not of the Jewish faith to turn their electrical appliances on/off, or having on elevator in their building that operates automatically on Friday nights so they aren't "operating machinery".