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  1. Idle Thumbs !!: With Bagblast

    I get where you are coming from wanting to offer potential patreon supporters a non-ad version of the show, but a lot of paid media comes with ads (newspapers, magazines, cinema etc.) and to me that's fine as long as the ads aren't too intrusive (and the Idle Thumbs ad reads aren't really intrusive) and the advertisers don't have undue influence over the media (though in this instance I like the idea that it was Squarespace and Blue Apron representatives standing off camera who forced Nick to stream Dark Souls for all those hours on end). Anyway, I registered to say that while I'm for sure disappointed to see the end of the current incarnation of the Idle Thumbs podcast, I tuned in each week first and foremost to listen to you guys. So I'll be following you on to all future endeavours!