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  1. The threat of Big Dog

    I have no doubt that jump could clear a corpse pile.
  2. The Next President

    Aw jeez, this is exactly what he said he'd do too... I'v seen reports that the Director of National Intelligence and Joint Chiefs of Staff from National Security Council have been replaced by Steve Bannon? I hope this is a rumour or i've overestimated its significance. Also here's Rudy Giuliani stating in no uncertain terms the objective of the ban.
  3. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    Yeah I didn't buy the cgi humans either, though it wasn't a huge problem for me. What did bother me was hanging threads like chekhov's mind control insanity octopus. Also there's abrupt character stuff like a scene in the final act where Jyn and the heavy weapons guy have a dialog that seems to be concluding a relationship arc. Unless i missed it I don't think they had even spoken with one another on screen so it came off as sudden and weird. I'm guessing theres some cut scenes on a computer somewhere that fill in the blanks or maybe I just missed it and should pay more attention. All that said I still enjoyed it, I'm sure plenty of kids got to go get excited about Star Wars too so whatever.
  4. Nick Plays FROM; Currently - Bloodborne

    Bloated crows is such a nice little tweak to what would normally be cliche. Also Nicks horror when the corpses in the corpse pit began to move... so good.
  5. I'm happy to listen to what ever sounds comes out of your mouths... If your being true to your own interests I think it will come through.