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  1. Not sure what's worse, the fact that there could be additional competition to modified mosquitoes and robot spiders? or that the best opener they could find for their video explanation was from 'Honey, I shrunk the kids'..? I mean, the sciences are completely different.
  2. Jeff Goldblum

    Turns out there's another video and it's even better.
  3. Jeff Goldblum

    Just received this email and on first scan I picked up on the words 'Jeff', 'Goldblum' and 'Spicy'. After a little more thorough reading, I realise it wasn't some kind of Important If True joke email. I also realise there's no way I'm deleting without checking out the video link.
  4. Is it reasonable to assume Rayna (She-Who-Wuvs-Robots) is now marked for harvest, so that her brain can be added to the 45? Slipped in by human sympathizers, her role being to provide some kind of checksum when the 'Kill All Humans' algorithm is set to run. Perhaps a reminder that even though the destruction of all humans would mean no more enslavement, it would also mean no more hugs. Edit: Unfortunately on further reflection, I'm guessing the requirement for human hugs will become unnecessary once the robots make note of the similarity between 'hugs' and the practice adopted by future robots of approaching each other with arms held open and outward. This greeting being an indication of trust meant to communicate "Greetings fellow Robot. I am also a Robot. Feel free to remove the skin from my arms, or pour either boiling water or nitroglycerin on them to dispel any doubts you may have."
  5. Rocky vs Predator In 1991 the first Batman vs Predator comic was published (which went on to be trilogy of books). The very first victim of the Predator hunting in Gotham is a champion boxer. Also, as I write this 'Eye of the Tiger' has just streamed on my co-workers music player...
  6. Mario is Vader? I was recently flicking through a kids 'zine and came across this interesting Mario trivia page/PEZ advertisement. The most interesting point I found was down at the lower right corner regarding Wario. Has the answer been in front of us the whole time but it's only Japanese speakers that knew the truth..? Somewhat akin to the German/Dutch speakers who knew Vaders secret before the rest of us..
  7. Between this Idle Thumbs episode and last, I was watching the video blog of the first days of the GiantBeastcast (from around June 2014?) For their initial console shopping trip they visit Video Games New York and guess who is there to greet them? In the words of Vinny Caravella "A really weird looking Mario."