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  1. The start of the podcast with the message about the ACLU warms my heart. This is becoming my "feel good" podcast now. Thanks for that. I apologize for advertising for games if that is not allowed, but there are a couple of games that are donating their sales to the ACLU as well. First one is 1979 Revolution: Black Friday. Many had it as their best game of last year. The other one is the famous Papers Please that is also for sale for ~$2.99 right now. Fez is also for sale with all the money going to ACLU. I am sure there are others out there if you want to both donate and try out cool games. Please love each other. Edit: Both games mentioned on the podcast as well!
  2. The change is fine. But I honestly come in to listen to video games and video game culture topics. I enjoyed Mouthmoods as it is a topic I enjoy, but I honestly don't know how long I would keep listenning to the podcast if it is about topics that I am not interested in. I found out about idlethumbs because a friend told me that it is a more serious take on video games compared to other podcasts we were listening to. At the end of the day it is your choice and you guys do what you love tbh and I will hopefully stick around and enjoy the podcasts. Just stating my opinion. roaches are scary.
  3. Designer Notes 10: Nina Freeman

    I recently downloaded all of the episodes and this one is really interesting because it feels like both people are sharing their experience despite it being an interview. Very natural and informative. I never really heard about the game before and I had a hard time thinking it is something that would appeal to me (not an MMO or Adventure games fan), but the human aspect of it sounds really interesting to me and reminding me of ready-player-one story in a way. (first post btw)