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  1. That maniacal pleases me very much!
  2. Darklurker you mean? I wonder if it should be saved for very last considering the resources necessary to attempt it. Definitely an interesting boss that Nick should at least try at least a few times (honestly this boss isn't that hard, some luck may be required but we all know Nick has that in spades!) The last 3 on that list may break him if he doesn't want to summon any help. I've yet to beat gank squad solo myself but Nick has surprised me before (like when he beat what I thought was the hardest DS1 boss in the game on his 2nd attempt.) I've learned not to underestimate Nick when he hits that sweet spot of alcohol and focus! I know a lot of people skip A.D. but its fairly easy if you use a particular strategy. I don't think too much time should be wasted here though as the run up is long and difficult and death often comes in 1 hit. Chat can instruct Nick on how to do it, he need only ask.
  3. I love how the toxo parasite somehow made it into this week's episode. It's a fascinating critter! For a more detailed explanation, check out this interview with Dr. Robert Sapolsky. The potential implications of toxo on the human race are very interesting.
  4. Problem Machine, I watched your vid - that was a human player. Here are 6 pieces of evidence... It said "Invaded by mad dark spirit Yuria of Londor!" and, of course, she is purple rather than the usual red (I can't remember if there are any Mad NPC invasions during main game, maybe Hodrick?). Anyways. A red flag. Normally NPC invaders show up close to where you get the invasion had to climb the biggest ladder in Dark Souls and fight her on that little cliff. Kinda weird. The way she fought was very human like - not even the great Maldron the Assassin can mimic a human like that! The way they went back up the ladder as you started to climb, ambush you at the top, roll around like a noob and dies in a few hits. Everyone knows Lucatiel is from Mirrah, not Londor! It just makes no sense. You didn't even get any sweet gear after you killed her - just a vertebra shackle! Checked the wiki, only listed NPC invasion in DLC is Livid Pyromancer Dunnel. Also the wiki says that NPC invasions only happen if you are embered and the area boss is still alive...but you had just killed him/them. I rest my case!
  5. Where does this happen in the DLC? I don't remember being invaded by a Yuria in Lucatiel cosplay...although in my game I murdered Yuria pretty early on so maybe that changes things. (Oh? What's that Yuria? You want me to kill that nice man selling me spells? Didn't you and your Londor goons just trick me into having a small black hole embedded in my neck?! How about I kill you instead!!) If you see a message near her in Firelink saying "Try beating to a pulp" it could be from me.
  6. That sneaky Nick keeps starting the streams when I am sleeping.