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  1. WIZARD JAM 5 // Welcome Thread

    Hey guys! I made a site for an easy redirect right to the itch.io page a while back, and I updated it now to direct to Wizard Jam 5! You can go here for an easy redirect right to the itch.io page: http://www.wizardjam.org/ And you can go here for an "archive" of all the past jams with easy to click links: http://www.wizardjam.org/archive/
  2. Wizard Jam Redirect Website & Archive

    No problem guys! Let me know if there are any details you want added to the archive page, I was going to add the theme of each jam as a subheader for each as well. Your choice! I got the first year free for being a student, and I have no problem giving back ~$12 a year, but if you would like control of the domain, I have no problems transferring it over.
  3. Been a listener for a while, never registered for the forums (until now) to finally contribute back! In the latest podcast (episode 292), the guys mentioned making an archive/redirect website for Wizard Jam, and I decided to make it myself! Well without further ado, the website is located at: http://www.wizardjam.org. The main page will automatically redirect the user to the latest itch.io page (in this case, for Wizard Jam 4). To access the simple archive page (I promise I'll make it prettier soon!), simply head over to http://www.wizardjam.org/archive/. I hope this can come in handy for you Thumbs readers! N.B.: If any of the hosts of Wizard Jam (or Idle Thumbs hosts themselves) would like access to the GitHub repository that the website is hosted out of (using GitHub Pages), send me a PM!