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    I'm obviously way behind on this, but I just finished beating Portal for the first time. My goodness, what a game! I feel like everything was super polished: the portal mechanic was so engaging, the way the level design taught you through level progression, and even the length seemed perfect. I hear Portal 2 is much longer, but personally it seemed like 3 hours was an appropriate amount of time. A weird aside, but the only negative for me with this game is that I frequently found myself feeling dizzy after a little while - I had to break it into one hour chunks in order to finish. Maybe this has something to do with the direction changing and momentum carry across portals, but I thought it was strange. A cursory search on Google showed that I'm not the only one that felt this...
  2. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hey everyone, MisterP here. I started listening to the Idle Thumbs podcast earlier this year, and the forums sounded like a pretty rad place to hang out. I grew up playing video games pretty much all the time (NES to Gamecube, mostly), then stopped for some reason once I got my first grownup job after college. Fast-forward 10 years, add a wife, two kids, and much more evening time spent at home and I'm getting back into the life. I have slowly been catching up on a lot of games from the last decade, largely playing on the PC and PS4. Mostly these days I am playing Overwatch terribly and shorter games like Limbo, Portal, etc. Looking forward to participating in the community!