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  1. The reason why China fell flat was because there's nobody on the Paradox team with any interest in it. You can tell how much effort that went into Japan and the middle east because there are people who are intimately invested into those regions working on their content. But there's no way China can be depicted realistically in EU4 anyways, since it's a game all about expansion, which Ming did very little historically. In EU4 wealth and land = power. So you are by default the strongest power in the game as Ming even if that isn't historically accurate. EU4
  2. In terms of relative historical importance, I'd say pretty much any non-European or Western related era/region/event will be underrepresented. I have yet to see a Mongol Total War or China Total War despite their rich martial histories. Sadly these areas don't hold the same interest as western topics like crusades and medieval Europe.