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  1. Other podcasts

    Hi folks, hope it's ok to resurrect this thread. Am working on a new podcast as a hobby from gamedev. It's an interview podcast where I aim to interview people from around the world and hear about their path to game development. If all goes well, it will be a mix of devs that are well known, no so well known, and from as many different backgrounds as possible. I did a first draft episode (ignore the profile pic, it was from Facebook) with a friend of mine, and would appreciate any feedback on it as fellow podcast listeners:
  2. Political games?

    Hi, sorry to barge in unannounced but we made a political game and it's 40% off for the next couple of hours. A short description : Political Animals is an election simulation game set within a fictional world populated by corrupt crocodiles and meritocratic mice. In a political contest where corruption is always around the corner, find out just how incorruptible you really are. "
  3. Political Animals

    Hey Thanks for the feedback. I'm actually floored and had no idea waypoint had written about us! An iOS port is a possibility, but I think we'll stick to the tablet unless we can make sure that it's actually playable on a smaller screen.
  4. Political Animals

    My name is Ryan Sumo, artist of Prison Architect and cofounder of Squeaky Wheel, an independent PC game studio based in the Philippines. We launched our new game “Political Animals” a few months ago. To be honest it did quite poorly, and I was hoping to take this opportunity to get some feedback on the game. First off, here’s a quick description of the game: “Political Animals is a turn-based political strategy game set in a world populated by corrupt crocodiles, meritocratic mice, and populist pigs. Decide whether to be a clean or corrupt candidate as you pick from a selection of unique staff to plot your personal strategy to victory. Events will be thrown your way that force you to choose between the high road or to bow to political pragmatism. In a political contest where graft and bribery is always around the corner, we want you to find out how incorruptible you really are. Political Animals was received favorably by players at PAX (as part of the Indie Megabooth), EGX, BICFest and TGS It was published by Positech Games and is out on Steam/Gog/Humble for Windows/Mac/Linux.” With that out of the way, I’d like to ask you folks to take a look at our Steam page then ask couple of questions: Had you ever heard about Political Animals before? If yes, where did you hear about it? After seeing the store page, are you interested in purchasing it or putting it on your wishlist? Why or why not? That’s it! Any feedback you give would definitely help us pinpoint where we went wrong, at least in terms of marketing the game. I’m also happy to field any questions about the game, indie dev in general and game dev in the Philippines in specific. Thanks for your time!