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  1. Hi Rob and Danielle, I really enjoy your podcast. Thanks for putting so much of yourselves, your ideas and your time into it. Almost without exception, each episode is a nice comfortable chair to fall back into and feel right at home. I really wanted to comment on this most recent episode, however, because of what happened with the Life Is Strange letter. I can see, now that I'm here, that you've included a spoiler warning for the Life Is Strange content in the episode description, but regrettably I didn't access the episode via this page, and missed any such warning on my itunes feed. The result for me was that I was already deep into listening before my tired, post-work day mind realised that Danielle had just outlined (what I think might be) the big reveal for the game, Life Is Strange. At first I wasn't sure I'd heard correctly, or maybe I'd missed the spoiler warning, so I went back to the beginning of the letters segment and listened again. There's a moment when Rob says "don't read the first line" and Danielle responds "don't worry", and I can only assume that the first line Rob warned about contained a spoiler for the game, but then Danielle goes on to reveal a good deal about the core plot of Life Is Strange over the course of the letter. I'm not completely sure what happened, and I haven't been through the episode with a fine-toothed comb (nor will I), but I can only assume that, somehow, there was no spoiler warning in the audio itself, none in the itunes description, and that a major (THE major?) plot point of a game I've been saving for a rainy day has been pretty horribly spoiled. Granted, Life Is Strange is not a recent game, and there's been adequate time since release to have played it, but still... Bless him, Rob tries to make a lighthearted reference to the spoilers at the end of the letter, and I appreciate the nod, but Danielle appears to not fully appreciate the giant foot she just pulled out of her mouth. I know, I know... it's just Life Is Strange, but dude, those spoilers came out of left field, and so suddenly, and rather than stop and reconsider the letter, Danielle just steamrolled on and compounded the first spoiler by adding more stuff. I guess I'm just a bit disappointed because after listening to Idle Thumbs, Three Moves Ahead and Idle Weekend, all from their respective first episodes, this is the first time I've ever felt let down in regards to spoilers. I guess I'll still play Life Is Strange, the art style looks great, and I do believe that much of the heart of a story is in the telling, but I can't help reflect on what I'm missing out on knowing what's around the corner. Still love the Idle pods network, it's like a second home. Thanks and cheers.