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  1. Episode 457: A Look Back at 2018

    Great episode! Only thing that continues to surprises me is the love for Two Point Hospital. I really liked Theme Hospital back in the day but TPH got so repetitive after a couple of scenarios and the simulation aspect didn't really seem to work either. Wish I could have enjoyed it more. Meanwhile, nobody seems to be talking about Parkitect which came out this year too, has a very interesting, varied campaign and does the strategy / simulation aspect much better than PlanetCoaster did. Feels like a true successor to RCT to me.
  2. Yeah, no need to apologize obviously -- was just wondering because the entirety of Idle Thumbs feels so quiet at the moment.
  3. Don't know if this is the right place to ask but is 3MA on a break, too? Been a while since the last ep and I miss it.
  4. If I hadn't known Nick wasn't there, I wouldn't have noticed. Great work!
  5. [RELEASED] Cheatin' Hitman

    Hey, I wanted to say thanks to everyone, too -- both for playing and the kind comments! Participating in this was an amazing experience; I just wish I had had more time to post on the forums and try out more games, but I'm already pretty stressed with holiday preparations and whatnot. I'll definitely try to check out most games over the holidays though! As for Cheatin' Hitman, we will probably try to fix a few issues (add a better explanation for the conditions, for example) over the course of a weekend or so after the holidays, if that's okay. A few YouTubers apparently stumbled upon the game and, well, let's just say watching other people play it has been pretty enlightening in some ways...
  6. a divine exodus of snakes

    Can't help but echo the others, looks fantastic. Those faces...
  7. Looks cool and sounds like a great idea -- hard not to relate to!
  8. [RELEASED] Cheatin' Hitman

    Thanks! I thinks we've found a small twist we needed to make things a bit more interesting. Turns out our hitman never really wanted to kill people but originally had planned to become a director or photographer or something. So, now, he kinda comes back to that and takes his targets to his photo studio to set up the fake scene. Thus, the player can buy props, backdrops, make-up, and lights, the studio could potentially even be expanded. Also, Nick obviously takes pride in his work, so the scene does not only have to look believable for the client but also aesthetically pleasing for the artist himself -- meaning there will be a bit of a trade-off between those two aspects when setting everything up. Our "hero" might even get approached by the CAA (the Cheatin' Assassins Association, of course!) and work his way up the ranks there with his photography... We got quite a bit (very) basic stuff done this weekend, I think. Computer screen with contracts, a simple shop, and messages is working: Placing the target and props works fine (switches to top-down view during placement): Close-up camera for posing the model: And at the end, you take a picture and hit send: All art is either free stuff from Unity's asset store or clipart, we will replace everything later on. Not quite sure what style we are going for to honest, either a low-poly papier-mâché look or... I don't know what's it called... similar to flat plywod stand-ups you might see on a real stage? Anyway, next up is stuff like fake bullet holes etc. which can be applied to the target's body. The posing system also still needs a lot of work, that's pretty rough so far. Same for the ratings systems, right now it just adds up each props believabilty / aesthetics value and gives a penalty for picking the wrong backdrop, thematically mismatching props, and for using the same prop too often. This probably needs a lot of work in regards to the requirements posed in the contracts, even though we're trying to keep things simple. Once that's done and if there's still time left, we will probably focus on adding some dialogue to give the targets some personality, arguing with our hitman and complaining about their situation, his stage directions and so on... got a few maybe kinda funny ideas for that part, hope we'll get to that!