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  1. Perfect choice of this weeks header image. Huh. Am I the only one who thinks Chad looks a bit like Jake in that picture? Sorry Jake.
  2. That tree plus the round light remind me of the arm.
  3. So, what did wake Cooper up? I always assumed that it was Hawks job to find something missing, which would lead to the return of Agent Cooper. So he found the lost pages of Lauras Diary, which caused Truman to call Gordon Cole. This made Cole search for Douglas Jones in Las Vegas. This resulted in two idiot agents not being able to find Douglas Jones. Instead they witnessed a man murdering the remaining henchmen of Bad Coop. In the moment of the arrest Cooper wakes up. So was arresting the Zawaski Accounting guy (aka a man under a lot of stress) the key to Coopers return?
  4. Before Cooper woke up, didn't Bushnell hear a humming sound somewhere in the room, like Ben Horne did some episodes ago?
  5. Wow, good catch. It is odd and out of character that Lucy doesn't mention the blinking light. I feel like the lines before your quote are important too: "Remember what I told you. I can’t say more over the phone. But you know what I mean. From our talks. When we were able to speak face to face. Watch for that one. The one I told you about. The one under the moon. On blue pine mountain." To me the "speaking face to face" part seems very significant. And since Frost and Lynch seem to like referencing material from the earlier seasons and the film, I wonder if there is actually a scene where Margeret and Hawk have a conversation. Maybe a moment in season 2 that felt random and unimportant, but now makes sense. But it's hard remembering Season 2, everything is a blur.
  6. Yikes. Seeing it like this make him so much more scary. And I am very glad that there still exists a "Good Coop" in the show. By the way. The log lady scene. It was so heartbreaking, but did it also contain a new clue? I wonder, is there a scene in season 1 or 2 where Hawk and Margaret have a conversation together? Did they talk about something "under the moon" at one point?
  7. By the way, I really liked how they implemented Jeffries into the show. He is a tea kettle now, I love it!
  8. About the talk Jeffreys and Bad Coop had. At first I thought: Is Bad Coop actually our Coop? The way Jeffries said "So you are Cooper." sounded like he was wondering the whole time what kind of Cooper he met in Philadelphia: Original or Doppelgänger. That was a scary moment. But now when I think about it... I always saw Bad Coop as a being who started existing when he left the Black Lodge by the end of season 2. But maybe, from his perspective, Bad Coop (thinks he) had a whole life as Cooper. He didn't just inherit memories but he believes he experienced them as well.
  9. The Convenience Store is a Tardis.
  10. It's from one of the bad season 2 episodes, where Andy thinks the small kid called Nicky is evil. It was an awful gag. My post was meant to be a joke... but what if The Return reveals that all that happens in Season 2 is heavy foreshadowing and actually genius?!
  11. This wasn't the first time Andy got a vision from the Other Place.
  12. I'm in the middle of listening to the podcast episode, and just wanted to say that I found the "seeing the trees within the forest" bit was very beautiful. I'm walking to work and it goes along a small canal, and there are trees, and I heard that bit and thought "This is really nice.". I don't know. Thanks Chris!
  13. Intersting, that makes sense. Oh man, just imagine... BadCoop: What did the guard look like? Ray: It was a brain on a tree in a guard uniform.
  14. Oh by the way, I am a little confused about the green ring. Since when are there multiple ones? I must have missed that info, or completely misinterpreted it from the start. I only count two for now. Dougie and Ray each had one.
  15. When Janey-E realized she got a new car, her face reminded me of the guy enjoying green tea latte.