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  1. Thanks for the answer. I know this game. They spent a lot of money for advertising, many people know them. But I am not making a game like they. I am making a real simulator where you can simulate not only armies, but and create own maps, units, strategies for armies. I didn't find how this game works, but probably totally accurate battle simulator is used only for windows or mac mashines and not as website. I am making a website, so anyone can use it. I dont think they could be my competitors. I am making a tool to support many other strategy games who lack real fights. And also for historical battles database.
  2. Would you use an army-simulator (editor) tool? Where you could place many armies (unlimited), with unlimited units number (even billion) and (just) watch how they fight? You could simulate your favorite browser-based game (travian/tribal wars or similar) armies battle results and watch how these armies should fight in reality. You can see every single unit on field fighting real-time. You could create any possible historical battle and show to your friends or teacher/class. Or do whatewer you imagine. Fights will be saved and belong to your account. You could watch everything, it works as website, you could share to frends via facebook, watch these armies fighting via any HTML5 supported phone. I am creating an armies simulator tool. And it works for websites who use HTML5. There you can create an army (or many), for example, 200x200 = 40000 units. This army can have many stats like health, defence, speed and others.. And also units type - like swordsman, archer, horseman. You make 1 million of attakers and 1 million of defenders. And then watch how they fight. Everything is made for website. And works on any HTML5 supported devise with same rendering speed, even on phones. You can zoom the fight, edit fight speed, change quality, press on any warrior on field during fight and see its stats, how many enemies he has killed and more. Units will be very good quality and look awesome. You could even create any unit from given items - you can place random helmets, armors, weapons. You could also create any possible map, build cities, trees, rivers and see how these armies are fighting in these situations. Everything is 2D, but looks like 3D. There are 10 zoom levels, you can rotate the view, it looks close to 3D view. There are much more to say, but I dont wanna write too much here. I just wanna ask, or you would use this tool? What do you think about this project? I plan to launch beta version on 2018 january soonest. I just need some feedback.