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  1. Really? Ok - now if we can just get Soren to see it ;). I agree with you about manuals by the way. I still remember reading game manuals on the way home after buying games as a child. Did a lot to lead up to anticipation... Link below - led to a lot of controversy on the site with many disagreeing. Civ fans always seem to be mechanics over story people (la sigh) and not many come from books an RPGs like I do.
  2. No one is ever going to see this but still felt the need to post. It hurts me that he doesn't spend much time in the book talking about the fall of Micropose. That would be what I would really want to know about. Alpha Centauri is what I would put as my best game of all time. Pirates besides being to aimless was just never a fantasy I had - stealing and murder yeah no. I actually have a long post on civfanatics about why alpha Centauri works and beyond earth does not. It came down I think to an aspect of your genre explanation actually. RPG was really a separate genre even in the time of civ 1. Putting baldurs gate or fire emblem in the same genre as say king's quest is just silly. And they certainly don't belong in the sane genre as wargames. You had strategy action, but you also had another major important component pure strategy games love to miss. STORY. And not player made really non-existent story but a high level almost book like written story. This is what made Alpha Centauri work. Factions were people and characters. Lal, Miriam, Zarakoghov not just figureheads for different bonuses as in normal civ. I still remember the first time figuring out what the mind worms and fungus really were. No gaming experience has come close for me. The game designers that were your guests make a new alpha Centauri like game (doesn't even have to be sci Fi though that rather than historical is my favorite) and you will have my money. Can link the civfanatics post if anyone wants to see it. Love to get your game designer guests thoughts on it actually - but know that is a big ask.
  3. Episode 374: Civilization VI

    I really don't find the culture victory boring - but I like seeing the great works and listening to the quotes and the music. If you approach strategy games not worrying about graphics and such or thinking about them as extras I guess it would be boring. I don't play strategy games to use excel files. And wait you can steal the cealing of the cystine chapel... that is hilarious. I also don't worry about speed as much - I spend the time between turns thinking. I don't play RTS though and actively hate it. And I am sorry we don't have to give trigger warnings for using strategies in games - don't lean into the crazy babyish millennials please. Also really love to know the person whose mods for 4 you for a way forward I think they can go stories and RPG like scenarios. The tutorial shows what they can do with this very well. Go the story route of endless legend bring back RPG/strategy hybrid. Also - suggestion for topic I would love to know mods that make BE fun along with things Firaxis could do to make the game actually fun. Really want to love that game....also would be interested to see the letter paradox wrote about his problems with stellaris. Also funny having a paradox guy on to talk about Civ given that could be seen as there biggest competitor.
  4. Episode 355: Stellaris

    So just listened to this and it was great. As someone who loves things like endless space it looks like I would love this but I doubt I would have time to play it ever but will see as my life unfolds. One question did they ever play the MP game group wise they mentioned in the end of the podcast? I would love to hear about how it went if they did, and if they haven't ... I would love for them to do so.