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  1. Hot Scoops: Firewatch Movie

    Must have Jeff Goldblum! Encase link does not work: I liked Firewatch a whole lot when I reviewed it. It is a great FPX with a neat little story, and it’s well worth playing if you haven’t. However, this really is an interesting bit of news concerning the title. The Hollywood Reporter are saying that a deal between developer Campo Santo and studio Good Universe are coming together to make a movie based on the game. It still seems early days on the project, but this is only the first of several planned projects that will span both mediums. It’s hard to really imagine a Firewatch movie due to the game’s form being so densely tied to the story, but I’ll say it would be really cool to see. I assume it would play pretty well to more indie audiences, and would fly in the face of what critics see as ‘video game movies’. Actually, the more I think about this, the more I can get behind it. I hope this sees the light of day.