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  1. Making Music. Tunes by Idle Thumbsters

    Hey, thank you!
  2. Making Music. Tunes by Idle Thumbsters

    The release of some new music, mostly done by my significant other but partly by me, is as good a reason as any to mark my first post as a long-time lurker (and reader!). I'm really proud of it even though, as I said, I was just a teensy part. https://lixianhantover.bandcamp.com/
  3. The Witcher 3: What Geralt Wants

    So, I'm very into Icelandic yogurt recently, and have just been trying out a new brand: Norr. Turns out their two main flavors are Buckthorn and Gooseberries. Made me feel like a real Witcher.
  4. Halcyon 6

    I kinda bounced off of this. It hard the problem that a few other games sometimes present: a long tutorial introducing a bunch of systems. I complete it, I quit, then I reload my game the next day only to be confronted with a world map and absolutely no idea what I should be doing.