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  1. ToB feels like they had an art team that had nothing to do between projects and gave them a chance to make a game. So they had access to mod all sorts of values and make a bunch of art but don't have access to the programmers to make something actually different. The fact that they couldn't just make a Vikings or Last Kingdom knock off seems more like a lack of capacity than desire. All everyone wanted was shield walls... but the Atilla engine doesn't have shield walls, and the ToB team doesn't have access to the resources to make this happen. So it doesn't happen.
  2. Episode 367: Bite-sized Strategy

    Polytopia is a bite-sized mobile game that distills Civ style gameplay into a 30 turn romp. It has randomized maps, tech trees, village placement, different unit types and unique civ based tile sets and unit graphics. It goes a long way to show how most 4X games are really just long form wastes of time. Mobile only though. Dungeon of the Endless is of course exactly what the guys were asking about; a tower defense, round based, hero management, rogue-like dungeon crawler that is very tactical and complex at the higher difficulty levels. Works great on the iPad as well as on lower end laptops.