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  1. Episode 367: Bite-sized Strategy

    Board game wise, there are quite a few in depth strategy & tactics games that are playable in less than 30 minutes and are very replayable. They tend to be card games as it's easy to make them simple rule wise but with each card breaks the rule in some interesting way (think Magic the Gathering) and the random order of the cards make the game different each time, not unlike a roguelike. Race for The Galaxy It's a well known game but often mistaken as a filler with a "multiplayer solitaire" syndrome. Sure, the game can be played very fast: as soon as a player put down 11 cards it's over. Since there's quite some depth in the game related to card synergies, new player tend to forget that they play with other players whence the "multiplayer solitaire" feel. However, once players get experienced, it's extremely important to know what your opponent is up to as you will piggy back on his/her actions. The more experienced the players become, the more important this gets. The most unique aspect of the game is that in a turn, you have 5 steps but they don't always trigger: it's the players that decides secretly what will happen. The selected steps will be carried by everyone with a small bonus to the player who called it so you need to make sure you stand to benefit most from the action you choose and you have an appropriate response to what you expect your opponent will call. It's similar to Puerto Rico, another well regarded and popular game...but much longer to play. Innovation This one is a lot less well known. Think Civilization but only the technology mini game. This game is hard to describe as it's fairly innovative in many areas and is a must play for game designers. I'm not going to attempt to describe it, a video is going to be more successful here: As the review above mention, the first few games are going to be very chaotic but as players get more experienced, it becomes a lot more strategic. Impulse From the same designer as Innovation, this is an attempt to do a full space 4X game in 30 minutes. Yes, this sounds like an absurd claim but it actually succeed (I think, very subjective)! Again, like Innovation, I'm not going to describe it as it's a game full of innovative ideas and a video is going to be more helpful I think: I got 100+ games of Race, 50+ games of Innovation and I can't recommend them enough. Impulse I didn't play much yet as because of the complexity, it's harder to find players for that.