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  1. Thank you for this great trip down the nostalgia lane. And thums up for unmatched Tie fighter. You have mentioned some other gaming podcast while talking about Final Fantasy 6, but I cannot discern the name. Can you provide it in written form? Much obliged.
  2. Designer Notes 19: Louis Castle

    Big thanks for the podcast! Just started to attend and it is really interesting stuff. Not many podcasts now focusing on games creation aspects. Was attending one on russian language "How games are made", which was run by Sergey Galyonkin (a guy behind SteamSpy). But "only russian guests policy" was severily limiting the scope. Plus he is now too busy with his new work and podcast looks dead now. So i'm looking forward for this podcast. Westwood was a great studio, lots of different genres, but they were able to catch the lightning in a bottle most of the time. If it is possible to forward question to Louis, there is one on my mind for a couple of decades. I am a huge fan of Eye of Beholder 2 and consider it one of the best dungeon crawlers of all times. There is a scene here, where you meet King of the Frost Giants. He tells you a sad story, then "mysteriously turns to dust" and leave "tongue of Talon" artifact ( a blade of the sword). But while looking though game assets, i found pictures, that suggested a different scene. King of Frost Giants was supposed to kill himself with said blade by doing "harakiri", which will surely looked more dramatic. Was it ESRB case, that this scene was removed from final game?