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  1. I agree with Twig but I'd go a little further. I think the reason you see other devs "circling the wagons" is that there was constant "analysis" by "fans" critiquing No Man's Sky and it's missing features. One example was the guy on reddit that came out and said that he could put multi player functionality in the game in a week. That's nonsense, but it got repeated enough that it got legs and spiraled out of control. I think that a lot of devs were specifically pushing back against that kind of ignorant babble. Also, in a similar vein, all I want from the gaming media to stop listing the horrible conduct and commentary of kids and anti social loudmouths as news. If 100 dudes that have a half dozen free to play fps games and garry's mod listed on their steam profile are raising a stink about the horrible lies put forth by Hello Games, it's not news, it's not a movement, it's a bunch of anonymous loudmouths. Good commentary and criticism is vital and important (this show being a fabulous example), but the spewing of uninformed vitriol from these sort of users isn't news and it isn't important. But then again, why would I expect games journalism to act any different than the media covering the national news. I got the game and bounced off it pretty hard in spite of the fact that it's definitely my kind of game. I'm hoping there will be some good mods to make the inventory more bearable so I'll come back. I didn't ever think I was being ripped off or conned or taken advantage of. I'm the goofball that ordered it based on commercials and hype. I'm an old dude. Get off of my lawn :-) Love the show. Randy