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  1. I really liked hearing Spaff on the episode! As much as I like the Chris/Jake/Nick triumvirate, I also appreciated the freewheeling nature of potential hosts of the older episodes and this was a nice reminder of that.
  2. Same, even down to the exact other forum I think. Also, got an email read on this episode woop woop
  3. When I first started listening to Idle Thumbs (probably in mid-2014) I had a really hard time distinguishing Jake and Sean apart. I thought their voices were similar and In my head they were just "Snarky Dude #1" and "Snarky Dude #2" and I had no idea which was which. Now, though, after so long of an absence for Sean, I have no idea why that was ever a problem for me.
  4. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi everyone, long time listener, first time poster. I used to write for Gamespite when it was still a thing, freelanced for 1up once, still occasionally put articles in at Knights of the Dinner Table magazine. Do a podcast where my buddy and I watch a video clip on loop until we crack and post the same picture of Dave Coulier every day. I dig Idle Thumbs and have found the way the hosts put that weird inflection on "pretty good" and "so good" (whatever that means) seeping into my speech patterns. I like games but I have a newish baby so I don't have a lot of time to play them right now. The podcast helps me stay vicariously involved. Putting together a sweet retro station in my little free time, with a real tube TV and everything. Gotta get dose scanlines fam. Looking forward to conversing with you.
  5. I almost told my wife the story about the chair because I laughed so hard, but then I realized I'd be telling a story about somebody else playing a video game and well, I just didn't.
  6. I remember an episode of Radio Lab that delved a little into how language changed the human brain and it was very fascinating. Apparently before language, we have a difficult time connecting multiple separate ideas together but once language is introduced we can actually understand this complex thoughts. Language seems to act as an upgrade to our brains. Rob's professor's example of the hyper-masculinity of the typical "post-apocalyptic" scenario as portrayed in so much pop culture also really struck a chord. It's so ingrained one almost takes it as a given rather than a possibility. Really good stuff. Would love to do some more reading, maybe the book the teacher was recommending, if we could learn what it was.