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  1. Hope y'all are looking forward to the TWO EPISODES LONG Mr.C vs Freddie showdown at the sheriff station!
  2. Oh man, this episode felt really nice. It felt like the kind of twin peaks that most people would probably expect from just more twin peaks. very satisfying. I was really hoping they'd bump into Jerry Horne while they're in the woods.
  3. Love seeing Janey-E get progressively hornier and hornier for Dougie.
  4. I was convinced they were talking about Annie? :-O
  5. I've always felt that if a special effect is supposed to convey something that is out of this world and unnatural, going 100% realistic would be the wrong answer. I'd say that having to pick their battles when spreading the budget across multiple vfx shots and then being forced into the position of having to embrace a shitty effect is a bit of a blessing in this case. Similarly to having awkward vfx, you have lots of awkward dialog and editing choices in his work that also "take you out of the film". I'd actually love to see video games incorporate some of this approach some day. Another movie that has unrealistic cg is Speed Racer and that move is awesome! Even though that is more of a real life cartoon, not a real life shampoo ad with blood and other shameful bodily fluids all over it as it's wrapping a bit of a corpse floating down a small town river, like Twin Peaks is.
  6. is 253 the new 0451? the first immersive sim to have 0253 code in it should receive a hug from DoppleCoop in a motel bed
  7. I wish there was a mod or a Lokno script, that would have a sound file saying "THAT'S THE STUFF!" play every time Nick would pick up a dropped item. That would surely motivate him to look around a lot more (but fast, cheating hitman-like, of course). But great job, Nick you pretty much learned all you need to know about how to play this video game. Have a music: