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  1. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello. I like cats. Also, BEARS!
  2. HELP: Attempted upgrade of PC gone wrong

    Hey, one thing I've not seen mentioned is to "breadboard" the system before putting it in a case. By that I mean put the CPU / mobo / ram together on top of the motherboard box with the mobo's anti-static bag underneath the board to keep it insulated. Put the graphics card into the board and connect the power supply and power switch. See if it POST's then. If that's OK, it means your'e shorting it out somehow in the case.
  3. I'm just posting to say I'm so excited my mail about System Shock was read. I've never had an email read out on a podcast before, although I've never sent in an email to a podcast before either. I guess that means it would have been super weird if any podcast had read out my email before now, unless the NSA / GCHQ has some internal podcast for that purpose! That would be funny / amazing / totally weird. Anyway, I was so excited / nervous when I heard it being read I almost exploded. It felt like I had some kind of magic power that enabled me to make people say things; then I thought that was a delusional thing to think and felt super self critical; then I managed to centre muyself. Anyway, these forums seem nice. I think I'll hang around