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  1. Plug your shit

    You bet! Though we probably won't get to it for several years. Like I said - we're watching everything - and it's going to take us a while.
  2. Plug your shit

    If you're looking for a particularly specific and esoteric podcast, a friend and I are responsible for Never Repeats - a chronological review of every New Zealand fiction feature film. We started with everything made in 1977 (when yearly film production took off) and have been moving forward year-by-year. We're currently up to 1983. The structure typically involves us covering one film per episode, doing an in-depth critique of the film itself, talking about the production history, the backgrounds of the primary cast & crew, and discussing where it fits in the overall history of NZ film, as well as how you can see it today. And we do mean every film, even those that were never released on home video. You can dip in and out to hear us dissect the more famous movies - those that received big international releases like Goodbye Pork Pie, Sleeping Dogs, and Smash Palace - or listen to each episode to discover the history behind films so obscure even many New Zealanders haven't heard of them, such as Skin Deep and Squeeze. So if you've got an interest in film history, or just like hearing people talk in detail about obscure movies, give us a listen! We're on iTunes, and there are links to RSS feeds and such on our website, as well as a list of all the films we've covered so far. At the moment we're in the middle of a three-part discussion of the infamously expensive TV mini-series The Governor, as a prelude to our discussion of Geoff Murphy's Utu coming up next month.
  3. According to the Techdirt article on the whole scandal, CSGO Lotto has an 8% rake on the skins gambled in each round. I imagine that adds up when you've got a decent amount of traffic coming through.
  4. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hey there, Been a Thumbs reader since Ep.141 but never got around to actually joining the forums. Occasionally the urge to post something would build up inside me, then subside before I could be bothered creating an account. But when the opportunity arose to post something from The Neverhood soundtrack in the latest episode thread, I knew I couldn't resist. I hail from New Zealand and (when I'm not truckin' round a simulation of Europe or trying to run old shoddy FMV games) I'm a part-time actor. Mostly semi-professional theatre work but I was once in a local TV series that ended up screening on the SyFy channel in the US. I tend to be more of a lurker than an active participant, but I'll pop up here and there. Even if I don't end up contributing too much, I have to say that I do appreciate this place. It's a nice forum you've got here.
  5. Speaking of The Neverhood soundtrack and the word 'doi', I think this is the appropriate track to reference. On the subject of CS:GO gambling, I imagine the availability of pre-paid Steam Currency cards through supermarkets and major retailers makes it really easy for children to enter the market. They can either ask relatives to buy them pre-paid cards as birthday or Christmas gifts, or convert any cash gifts or allowance directly into Steambucks - no debit or credit card required.