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  1. MS certainly still cares about you with their new direction. Anyone with a beefy PC can buy their Play Anywhere-titles meaning you get a greater audience for Microsoft exclusives. First party games can be played on consoles and PCs, and, when you think about it, this makes the multi-console future look far more enticing. Why? PC games will already be made to target a wide range of hardware. As we can see with Ryse, which is very good at scaling to host hardware, and the dynamic resolution scaling abilities in Halo 5 (and more), a lot of the ground work has already been made to make support of multiple console SKUs more viable. You're already targeting PC hardware above a certain baseline - which in this case would be a bit above the Xbox One hardware (to allow for greater overhead). When games self-optimize towards a target performance, you really just need to tweak a bit and test that it actually works on the various hardware platforms. The most important target is of course the low end. Does it look and play acceptably? If so it will look and play better on stronger platforms. Where some extra work might be needed is where you want to add additional graphical features like HDR for Xbox One S or improved shadows and resolution for Scorpio, but with Play Anywhere you already had to do that groundwork. Especially if they aim to release simultaneously.
  2. Idle Weekend July 2, 2016: Going Solo

    Regarding the question about magic in games, I immediately thought of the adventure game Loom. It was very much about exploring the possibility of magic through musical notation. I suppose, to a lesser extent, that the same could be said of Ocarina of Time. It was pretty special to be able to play a melody and make things happen in the world.