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  1. So awesome with all these KnP posts, thanks everyone ^^ I'll be checking some of those games out for sure
  2. Hehe yeah, in my case probably 97% of the assets I used were the ones that shipped with KnP Art is one of the big problems for me as well - I have a high bar for what I want and so little (almost no) skill. I might just be able to manage making a HOG using my photos and PS. Hm. Actually maybe I should try doing that. That's awesome! Yeah a lot of people really loved that game. I doubt he made that specific one in KnP tho
  3. Long time listener, first time poster (I think). When the crew started talking about getting into game dev via modding, I racked my brain in an attempt to remember my first modding experiences. Turns out I skipped all that at first and went straight to super mega hardcore game development with the Unity of the day, back in '94: Maxis / Europress Software's Klik & Play! Any other Teh Hardc0rez Klik & Play devs from back then? I don't have any of my old projects (they never amounted to a "full" game anyway, just individual levels), but I'd love to see any games anyone else might have made using this awesome tool. Also: Imagine my delight when I found that it is possible to download it! Back then it came on floppies. Who's up for a Klik & Play Wizard Jam?