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  1. Episode 457: A Look Back at 2018

    Good show guys. The game that stands out to me is Kingmaker; must have a look. Happy New Year All
  2. I really liked Enemy at the gates. Well, not liked; it's a horrible movie that portrays the horror of industrial warfare very well. 300 portrayed the horror of war in a more aesthetic almost balletic way Both are excellent
  3. Episode 452: After Dark 2018

    Thank you guys for those moments of hilarious absurdity - cracked me up. Caves of Qud actually looks good; it has very positive reviews on Steam. Pathfinder looks good too. I miss these shows what you go mia; always good to hear from Rowan. I think Michael is right about the inevitable outrage from right wing culture warriors about leftie agendas infecting their games.
  4. Late to the party, but still why not! The guys give the princesses a hard time during this show....because I think they dont know what princesses are for. Princesses have one function imo - making babies; sending them off across the map as diplomats is a waste. Merchants also are useful and dont have to go to the ends of the earth to pay their way. A merchant can reach a decent resource within 4 or 5 turns and reimburse his hiring cost in another 4 or 5 turns. Not a gold mine in the early game, but a steady earner. Later when you can get them to remote resources it gets better. Rebels are fodder for training up spies and young generals. Before sending in the general to remove them I usually have a novice spy gain some ranks by spying on them them for a a few turns. Overall a good show - as usual; thanks
  5. Episode 417: 2017 in Review

    I really enjoyed this show. Thanks
  6. I am enjoying the show a lot. Good to hear guys who know their stuff and appreciate gaming history talking about those early days. I was late to the party so I only know the games discussed by reputation; but I'm fascinated by the historical development of the industry. Thanks guys
  7. As I said there are issues with Trump and his in-coming administration; how often must I write that? Climate change is one of those issues - I do not support denial of the impact of human industrial civilisation on the biosphere My estimation of Trump as the lesser evil is not an endorsement of all his beliefs and policies and appointments As to Trump's presidency - if it happens - we will see what unfolds; so wait and see; I agree with you there My hope is he will behave true to form as a deal maker and endeavour to make deals with China and Russia et al Along the way he will upset lots of people - guaranteed; especially the liberal media which reports his every move in negative terms
  8. I have responded; it's just that you and others dont like my views I have clearly said multiple times that there are many issues with Trump; he is not ideal at all; far from it I therefore agree in a general sense with those who have issues with Trump even if I dont agree with many of their particular points Trump is in my estimation the lesser threat to world peace today If he follows through on what he said thus far he will be unlikely to push us towards war with Russia So far his cabinet choices look good in that respect - even if there are multiple problems with them in other ways In my estimation the avoidance of WW3 - which is what war with Russia and China would be - is paramount The survival of human civilisation is more important than liberal sensibilities and having an opinion and pretty much everything else Perhaps people here do not see the global situation as being as dangerous as I do? We still dont know if he will be actually elected so you guys may yet get what you want I wont believe he will actually govern until he gets through the electoral college and is inaugurated
  9. because many people were angry people on social media
  10. Yes it was obvious to me there was widespread hysteria on social media. Why is it so terrible to simply state that fact? The objections I got to that had nothing to do with the facts; people just wanted to disagree with me because they misunderstand what my opinion is. They think I am a right wing supporter of Trump; which I am not. I have stated in my comments there are multiple issues with Trump; but he is in my opinion the lesser evil. Obviously you believe he is the greater evil. So we have different opinions. Fine
  11. Not correct; I gave very concrete examples as to why I viewed Clinton as the greater evil
  12. I have presented my views in a series of posts and with explanations I know that my views are quite different to many others posting here and that is why some object to what I say and how I say it If I were standing in front of you, you might dislike my haircut or my accent But these are not relevant matters; they are ad hominem remarks and I will not deal with them I am relieved Clinton was defeated; but that does not mean I am happy with Trump Neither candidate was a good choice for the world But in my estimation Trump was the lesser evil in terms of world peace I am only giving an opinion; my best estimate of the situation; based on my care for the world I do not claim omniscience or that my perceptions are reality They are my perceptions and opinions I realise time may prove me mistaken - or not We shall see
  13. You just dont like what I say Which is perfectly fine; dont worry about it
  14. Yes when populations are in shock bad things can happen But I predict this will pass and things will settle down For a while Generally I would say we are moving into very uncertain times Potentially dangerous times
  15. I do stand by my generalisation Which is my perception and opinion You of course are free to exempt yourself I have many friends reporting a veritable firestorm on their social media accounts People are in shock; but things will settle down in time
  16. Thanks you for replies guys I just present my perceptions and opinions At the moment people are so shocked by the election, and their perceptions are so completely distorted by the intense media propaganda that accompanied it that almost no one is capable of making a clear rational estimation of Trump. (I include myself in that) Most of the outpourings in media reports and opinion pieces and the population are expressions of a sort of mass hysteria It seems to me to be a mirror image of the mass hysteria in the media and the population that accompanied Obama's election eight years ago Obama turned out not to be the agent of the hope & change he promised to be I dont think Trump will turn out to be the monster many seem to think he is But I may be mistaken; only time will tell Meanwhile I dont believe the hysteria and fear mongering in the media I will wait and watch and see what he will actually do
  17. For the reasons I wrote above Her belligerent foreign policy record and rhetoric Clinton is a Wall Street democrat. At heart she is a neocon with a faux progressive sugar coating The Clintons were responsible for some of the most regressive and destructive legislation in recent decades NAFTA The prison industrial complex The repeal of Glass–Steagall and unleashing the scourge of derivatives which precipitated the financial crisis of 2007/8 Gutting welfare The destruction of Libya The Clintons and their foundation are under multiple possibly criminal investigations at the moment - pay-to-play; the emails etc it goes on and on My primary concern is the safety of the world at this crucial time of rising geopolitical tensions Trump will be a cooler head in my estimation Trump is not a neocon; he is a tough deal maker by nature; which is exactly what the world needs; deals not wars That does not mean I will like or approve of everything he does... But in times like these we must put aside quibbles about political correctness and his crude and crushing victories over his adversaries to win the White House I predict that Trump will be the most competent and effective US head of state in decades
  18. I understand concerns about Trump I share them I was more concerned about Clinton But I am not cheering because she lost I am not sure whether the worst was averted or if the worst still lies ahead
  19. I would be somewhere on the left My preferred option would have been Sanders I think he would have defeated Trump But that is moot The democratic party has lost its way I hope its severe defeat in this election cycle will prompt some serious reviewing of direction and policy
  20. The figure I gave of Trump's wealth is from Forbes - it is only an estimate I am not a supporter of Trump I hope he will not do as much damage as many fear at the moment The recent US elections was an awful spectacle with no right choice
  21. To my perspective centre liberal encompasses most liberal progressives in the US usually democrats Of course all of these terms mean different things in different places and minds and one could argue about the spectrum of views and the validity of right/left designations etc I use the terms loosely to describe the right and the left wings of the corporate media cartel In my opinion the real left wing lies outside the mainstream media spectrum in the US
  22. Yes in my perspective the corporate media cartel has two principal wings - the right and the centre liberal Each presents a different perspective of reality to their audiences
  23. Well I am not pitching in to defend Trump; but he is clearly not a failure by any rational or objective measure He is only a failure in the minds of people who see him in exclusively negative terms The estimate figure of his wealth I gave is from Forbes this Sept; but really no one knows exactly what he is worth; perhaps not even Trump himself and since his wealth is so invested in real estate and in multiple countries it's value is constantly changing according to markets But any way to look at it he has taken a very good start in life and expanded it exponentially There are definitely issues with inherited wealth and the elite families and their foundations etc In my opinion the US political system has been entirely usurped by capital As has the media (6 mega corps own all significant media) Democracy cannot function in such a circumstance it seems to me The Houses of Congress and the presidency do not reflect the will of the people
  24. Yes indeed, he's a billionaire failure to the tune of $3.7 billion according to Forbes Only an idiot could take a good start in life and a loan from his dad and fail so spectacularly
  25. Yes, the tone and content of the replies sends a very clear message that my perspective is unwelcome in this forum and I dont want to argue about it But to your specific question about Trump - I see an extraordinary individual who has created enormous personal success in his life thus far As a man accustomed to leading and directing large numbers of people he will be a very capable president in practical terms but what he will actually do when he gets into office, I have no idea I prefer to wait and see I will judge him by his actions